1946 Mercury
1946 Mercury Hot Rod
This is a 1946 Mercury Convertible, owned by Steve Nisbet of Auckland, New Zealand.

1946 Mercury Hot Rod
The removal of all trim has made for a very smooth car! This Merc looks great with the Carson top removed, and the Cadillac tail lights add to the sleek lines.

1946 Mercury Hot Rod
Great shot! In case you're wondering about what's under the hood -- it's a 460 Ford, although the long engine history of this car (it was originally rodded in 1986) includes a 302 as well as a 350.

These are great cars, and it's hard to understand why you don't see more of them around. The long, sleek lines and bulbous overall look (similar to the late 1930's Fords) makes for a beautiful automobile.

Check out the grille on this Merc. The switch to a grille with numerous thin vertical bars was the only significant modification for postwar Mercurys.

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