Makeshift Paint Booth [by: Halloweenking]
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Building a home paint booth is simple.

You need to first decide if it will be used outdoors or indoors. Depending on the location, you may need to use a different pole material.

The easiest indoor (garage, etc.) booth is made from 1" PVC pipe, although 2" can also be used. It's pretty basic -- 16 lengths and 12 attachments in a shoebox shape. You build the basic booth to your desired measurements, and cover with clear plastic that can be found in rolls at your local home improvement store. Seal the plastic seams with duct tape. Add a sealed motor electric fan to draw out the fumes to one end by simply sealing the plastic around the fan with the tape. Also, seal the plastic around the air hose for the spray gun. The garage should have enough light for the booth -- if not, adding some freestanding spot lamps outside is fine.

A damp sheet or a few square or rectangular filters can be added or put in place of a clear plastic wall. This will filter the air much better, and is the preferred choice of painters without a fresh air system to continually feed them fresh oxygen.

If you are building a booth for use outdoors, you will need a sturdier pipe, either the 2" PVC or steel poles. Using steel, you will have to fabricate connectors for easy disassembly. Also, when outdoors, using the reflective "emergency blankets" as a floor and side tarp will increase the temperature inside the booth and also the amount of light, due to its reflective nature.

When storing the booth, make sure that you seal the plastic covering in an airtight and critter-proof bag to keep it clean and dirt free. Also, before you roll it back up, stick some fabric static sheets every few feet so it doesn't attract dust and dirt. Rubbing the plastic down with these sheets is also a good idea, but isn't a must. After reassembly, using a CLEAN never-used spray bottle with clean water and wiping the plastic down is a good idea. Also, remember to put end caps on the pipe to prevent critters from making it their modular home.

If built with the right materials, this booth cannot only be used virtually forever, but it can also be taken apart and stored out of the way. Using a fresh air system with this is preferable, but a good full face filter mask will work if you can't afford the fresh air system.