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LowNLOUD 09-12-2017 09:09 PM

1965 Elco big block swap
I bought an old el camino when I was 19 a few years

back that had been modified with a hurst ratcher

shifter and a built 327 from the factory 3 on the tree 6

cyl. Its a rad car one of the owners before me even

welded in a 55 chevy dash:thumbup: I would like to know if

anyone here has attempted something similar in the

past and can tell me what I can do to better support

the power of this engine given it still has majority of

the stock specs non powertrain-wise. Ive already

considered a better rear end because right now it has

one tire fire and the 468 im dropping in is more than

likely going to be somewhere in the low 400s (if not

more) at the wheels and a considerable more amount

of torque. I plan on putting 275s out back. The pizza

cutter 235-70-15s I have on there now would never

grab traction (heres hoping those wider rubbers will fit)

I did flare out the fenderwells a bit, I already have the

old motor out and the new one in just getting the

transmission lined up and tidying the engine bay as of


Have pictures aswell

OneMoreTime 09-12-2017 09:27 PM

A better rear is a must with a big block. At least a 31 spine 9 inch though there are some GM rear ends that will work. The swp of a 9 inch is common enough for those cars that various vendors have the housings and axles available..


LowNLOUD 09-12-2017 10:11 PM

I wouldnt want to have to cut and shorten it to keep the wheels from excessively protruding, I could get past finding the right rims to fit it having a chevy lug pattern on the front but I do have a friend with a ford 9 inch. Would it just bolt on my car to the rear chassis ?

ericnova72 09-13-2017 05:41 AM

There won't be any stock 9" Ford that will just be a bolt-in deal, it will have to be a 9" housing specifically modified to fit and bolt up to the stock suspension arms.

Quick Performance has the best pricing on these.

You could shop for a used Chevy 12-bolt for the A-body chassis, but used prices are often nearly as high as aftermarket better, stronger replacements.

If you want an aftermarket 12-bolt, Moser Engineering and Strange Engineering come to mind

bentwings 09-13-2017 06:11 AM

I'd seriously consider front suspension mods too. These cars don't handle very well and the added BBC is going to help.

and others. Lots of good stuff is available for theses cars. I've got parts from both and service is excellent.
You can buy these parts from Summit and save shipping costs.

Also brakes are very weak by today's standard. The same CO. can supply brakes for the exact vehicle.

PHWOARchild 09-13-2017 07:01 AM

The 9" Ford is the way to go, spend your $$ once. My 9" posi came from Quick Performance, just the ham is what I got. They're good to deal with. Look around for a 9" housing already made up for the ElCamino/Chevelle. I've seen them around. Maybe Speedway has one.

LowNLOUD 09-13-2017 09:40 AM

Thanks eric youre always around to help everyone being a man of seemingly endless mechanical knowledge

LowNLOUD 09-14-2017 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by bentwings (Post 4296817)
I'd seriously consider front suspension mods too. These cars don't handle very well and the added BBC is going to help.

Also brakes are very weak by today's standard. The same CO. can supply brakes for the exact vehicle.

I am on detroitspeed now are all of their parts better rated to hold up than oem ? I have all the front end pieces of a base model a-body with a 6cyl

I was thinking of just putting some beefier shocks up front and a bigger swaybar, I went from a tiny 195-65-15 up front to some higher ply 215-70s up front aswell.

When the car is on the road here in a few days ill really be able to feel it I think the biggest noticeable difference will be the steering with no power pump and having that behemoth bbc under the hood

(edit) owner before me had already done a front disc brake conversion with booster, BUT.. the rear end has no drum brakes whatsoever LOL

bentwings 09-14-2017 01:17 PM

There is a lot more to making these car handle properly.
Here is one of several books that can help you understand what goes on with these cars.

GM did a very poor job with the front end geometry. If you look at the way the upper a arm wraps over the frame you can see that deflection of the front suspension will cause an increase in positive camber. This is why these cars are notorious for wearing the outside of the front tires. Plus most of these cars came before radial tires came about.

The first three generation of Chevelles need aftermarket A arms with provision for correct camber and additional caster. The fourth gen (73-77) like mine use the big car suspension so don't have this problem. They benefit from much larger sway bars and big wide tires.

Brakes are another issue. More severe with a BBC. When you do brakes make sure you use a complete system. Mixing and mis matching is asking for problems.


LATECH 09-14-2017 05:11 PM

Moser and strange and a few others make a ready fit housing for a 9 inch ford "pig" that bolts into a GM A body (same as el camino/chevelle)

64-late 66 A bodies had 2 inch narrower rear widths than a 67 up.
Check it out.

A 9 inch ford is ideal, as I am wanting for my 64 GTO. That is when I ran across the width difference issue.

And as mentioned better brakes and improving front suspension is a real good Idea. Brakes at least for sure as the old drums are , well , just not real good at stopping rocketship Chevrolets ;)

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