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Fitting all the exterior factory panels for a baseline to make sure everything goes together close to how it did. Im looking for any major issues before I commit and weld on my full rocker panels. I have two issues I've been wrestling with and can't remedy. I want some tips. I am shooting for 4mm gaps around the car.

1.) PS door to fender gap- I can't get the panels flush / on the same plane. The door to quarter gap is 4mm at the bottom. It widens out throughout the rest of the gap. I'll have to get the rest perfect with splicing and welding the quarter at final fit with the new quarters. The gap along the door to rocker is about 8mm. This is very similar to my completed factory 70 firebird. If I want this better it'll have to be welded up too. The body line from quarter to door lines up.

Now to the front where the issue is: the gap between the rocker and the fender is 4mm. I think I may actually tighten this particular gap up to 2-2.5mm. The gap between the fender and the front edge of the door is large at about 7-9mm, but again I'll let this up on the rear end of the fender at final fit. I have the body line lined up from door to fender or VERY close. The body line from door to fender is planar. Above the body like the fender sticks out beyond the door by 3-5mm. Below the body line the door sticks out futher than the fender by 3mm. The profile of this door according to a profile I took with a profile gauge is the same as another door I have. The rocker lines and faces are planar. I aligned the rocker first as it is a fixed panel. There is about 9/16" shim at the rear lower fender point and 1/8" at the front lower fender. There is 17/64" shim between the top cowl point and fender. 5/32" shim between the fender and the firewall. Two fenders fit like this. Right now the plan is to cut somewhere below the body line on the fender and fix this with fab work too.

2.) Hood to PS fender alignment- here's what I'm calling a major problem. The hood on the PS sits 10-12mm higher than the top edge of the PS fender. I have elongated the slots in the hood hinge where it mounts to the fenders. I had to clip off the rear edge of the hood mount flange on the hood hinge because when it came down it was sitting on the cowl where the rear hood rest bolt screws in. There was no difference. I don't think the hood hinge is stroked out, so something else has to be contacting the cowl, but I'm not entirely sure what it is yet. There can't be more than a few mm before several other things hit the cowl anyway, so my idea to move the mounting nuts in the fender that the hood hinge bolts in to won't work anyway. Of course I have the bow in the hood that's so common on these cars that makes the hood higher than the fenders about half way down the length of the hood, but this isn't the actual hood I'll be using anyway. I have a new one. For reference; the DS fender and door line up pretty good. A little hammer and dolly work on the top of the door and fender where their complex curves come to me will be fine. There are 1/2" of shims between the cowl and the DS fender, 5/64" between the DS fender and firewall, 34/64" at the rear lower fender mount point, and 6/32" at the front lower fender mount point.

What do I do?!

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