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Hey guys, I'm reaching out one more time. here's my latest results. I cannot get this thing right and I'm very frustrated. This has been going on for a couple weeks now. It's like the profile of the top half of the fender does not match that of the door. when I take a profile gauge to the door and fender to check that though they seem close enough. I remove my door over the weekend and hung another one. it was way worse. It's stuck out far from the car, but it looks like somebody re-skin that door, so that door got pulled right off. However, I have hung the fender from that same donor car and matched it to my current door, and it looked the same against that door. Two fenders are giving me the same results. as mentioned in another post I noticed the same condition I'm seeing to a slightly lesser extent on my completed 70 firebird. It really makes me wonder if there's a bit of an oddity or different from the factory in the passenger side when compared to the driver side fender.

I rehung my door and raised it a little bit because the initial fit that I have posted pictures of over the last week kept seem to be telling me that the body line had to be raised even though the gap between the door skin and the rocker panel was 7 mm. I wanted to gain about 2 to 3 mm to make the body line from the doormat to the fender.

Now the gap between the door and the rocker at the front end is 11 to 12 and 1/2 mm. I can't seem to get the dang thing to lower either, but I know it can do it because I just had it there! The gap at the back of the door is somewhere around 8:00 to 9 mm with the rocker panel. Gaps between the rear of the door and the rocker panel at the Titus points are 4 to 4 and 1/2 mm. I am striving for a 4 mm gap all around the car as I mentioned before, so this is pretty close for this mock-up fit that I'm aiming at.

In the picture shown the body line from fender to door lines up. The faces are playing, except above the body line where it's still is slightly higher than the door skin so if you look down the length of the car from the rear end you can see the spender sticking out by about 1-1.5mm. at the body line the door is slightly further out by about a millimeter than the fender.
The big trade offs with this new fit is at the top edge of the fender is much lower than the top of the door. The Gap between the door panel on the rockers larger. To me these are some big trade-offs that together add up to being wars off and where I was at before.

I think I would have cut the fender long ago and started hacking it to make it fit if it weren't for the fact that I have to separate it from the inner structure to be able to get at the back side of my welds. it's just going to become a major pain, and it's something I'd like to avoid if possible.

on a side note, is it possible to get these things any closer to the rocker panels and still have the body lines lineup? My 70 has 7 mm gabs between the bottom edge of the door skin and the rocker panel is well. How do you address this? Am I going to have to weld a TIG filler rod to the bottom edge of the door or something like that? I'm reskining the doors, so I guess I could cut an inch up from the bottom flange and add the material there.

these are all wrong posts, but I'm trying to give as much information as I can so somebody can help me rather than fishing information from me over the course of 10 posts and 5 days. I'd really appreciate some help if anybody's out there. if I'm still on this position with no new information by the time the weekend rolls around I think I'm going to set The door a little lower to where it was to have about a 7 mm gap with the rocker panel(if I can figure out how to!), Fit defender back to how it was, and plan to add material to the bottom of the door to close the gap with the rocker panel to 4 mm and also plan to have to do some custom metal work to get the fender perfect to how I want it out final fit.

Where is the fellow who did up the nice gunmetal colored 73 firebird? I'll have to look up your name in my PMs and past threads. if you're out there and have any information it would truly be appreciated!
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