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JohnnyX 01-05-2018 05:08 PM

Anyone used an astro HT104?
and how did you like it?

tech69 01-05-2018 08:09 PM

not to sound picky but for clear coats good atomization is going to cost you. you get a LP400 and you can lay it down like glass with a 1.4. In any case, a 1.4 is a great tip size cause it lays down nice and you don't have to reduce it much. But like I said, if you're spraying clear coats or metallic a cheap gun won't be the greatest gun. If you want cheap and good look into Devilbiss. They make quality guns for less. You'd be looking to pay around $300 for a good gun.

MARTINSR 01-05-2018 08:26 PM

This is something to think about, a quality tool that costs $400 is going to be worth darn near that any time you want to sell it. And in fact 30 years from now it will be worth more, possibly a lot more because at that time the same quality tool maybe 5-6 hundred dollars. Where as a cheap tool isn't worth what you paid for it the day you buy it. It is worth pennies in days.

There is a big gray area here, I understand, lots of cheap tools WILL do the job. But if you don't know for sure, think about it hard.


tech69 01-05-2018 09:18 PM

well we DO know a $20 HF sledge hammer isn't gonna hit any different than a $100 Snap on sledge hammer and we DO know an Iwata will spray a heck of a lot better than a HF spray gun. It's not rocket science to know what cheap tool is good and which isn't.

JohnnyX 01-05-2018 10:57 PM

Well my astro 4014 has done pretty good for about ten years. I definitely like it at least as well as finish-line. Just didn't pay $200 for a taiwanese made gun just because it says devilbiss on it and they screwed it together in the UK or here. Plus they didn't bother to try and BS me about where its made. Hell, send me the parts straight from taiwan, I'll screw it together and call it made in the USA for the extra $100
First thing Im gonna do with it is tear it down anyhow, that just saves me a step.

I have also tried non-Iwata... japanese made airbrushes that were every last bit the same quality as their Iwata airbrush counterpart, or better, for almost a third of the price.
That actually makes me really really want to try a meiji f-Zero

There are certainly merits to just buying Iwata ( I have a pair of those too lph-50 and w400)or even Devilbiss so im not saying you guys arent giving good advice there, and I'd probably give the same advice to someone who asked "whats a good spray gun"
theres a time and place for cheap guns though and some perform pretty admirably.

But for my beater guns I've really liked the astros I've had. Just haven't gotten to try out any of the newer models and I know some models are great from astro(star) and some are crap.

Then you've got ANI which I've seen a lot of people touting as excellent value for price.

So anyhow , (sorry for the rant) anyone used an HT104?

Or for that matter a Meiji f-zero?

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