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32roadsterLt1 06-12-2019 08:33 PM

Assemblied or rebodied title Oklahoma
Building 32 with glass body and new frame. 2 options: search for a 32 title or file for an assembled title at the DMV. The state offers assembled title or rebodied title. Lady at the dmv was no help. What I have read if it is a assembled title it will be a 2019 roadster. If you rebodied title then it will read as what it’s suppose to be rebodied, supposedly the title on the rebodied will read 32 roadster rebodied. Has anyone dealt with this issue and had luck getting a title for their car. I can always say I have original frame with bill of sale but that won’t matter without a vin. Input please

CaptMike 06-12-2019 09:24 PM

I think you should obtain the title for the appropriate year of your ca

Hipster_G 06-12-2019 09:42 PM

Not with a car but with a few special construction bikes, and Inspections on total loss rebuilds.. Every state is different but in both states the first thing that happened was an inspection by the Highway Patrol Vehicle Theft Unit where I had to produce receipts for everything and notarized bills of sale for anything used(engines, transmissions, etc. that have serial numbers) Every last nut and bolt, paint materials, etc. They had to be complete and in running condition. It's about checking for stolen parts and placing a total dollar value on the vehicle because Dmv will collect whatever excise, road tax, or whatever they call it or handle it in your state.

The Highway patrol guys are pretty sharp. I'm very humble with them. I've watched them impound stuff while I waited my turn.

If your frame came with a certificate of origin and a 17 digit ID stamp that's probably what they'll want to use.

wave1957 06-17-2019 06:26 AM

Get in touch with local car clubs, the car owners have gone through this and have worked with your local rules.

delawarebill 06-17-2019 07:18 AM

i agree with wave
that would be a very good starting point.. but also look into if it is titled a '19 does it need to come up to '19 emission std's.???? if u can get a title of a '32 then consider having a vin plate made and riviot to frame.
in delaware u tag and title it as a street rod and if it looks, smells, tastes like a '32 that is what u get. another note is u should make sure u have paperwork on the build. receipts on engine,trans, frame..... etc. you may need it.

Hipster_G 06-17-2019 12:18 PM

I know Oklahoma will be different but I'll frame my experience out. It might help you ask the right questions and save some time. Ask for a Supervisor. This not something the everyday clerk deals with and who's not known for volunteering info.

In NC they call it special construction and they'll send a trooper for inspection to you house. This simplifies things. In Nc they can use the 17 digit id a licensed manufacturer stamps on the frame. Titled for the year the paperwork is done in. No emissions check but did have to pass a safety before getting a tag

In Md they only do the inspections for what they call "homebuilt" at one facility that's 2.5 hours away. They sent me home three times. First time because I didn't have an appointment. Second time because I was lacking a receipt for a used headlamp and the handwritten receipts were unacceptable so I had to track down people for notarized B.O.S. The Trooper actually told me "Your mother could have written that". . Four times a charm, ummm, no, They total up your receipts. Any that don't show sales tax being paid for parts purchased over the internet etc. get totaled separately and you go over to Dmv and pay that sales tax, and come back with a receipt BEFORE they'll assign a Vin. I only needed a safety inspection after that for tags which could be handled locally. They looked for the Mso/certificate of origin, verified the numbers on the frame , and then affixed their own data plate/vin. Titled for the year stated on the certificate of origin of the frame.

When I moved to De. The title on my car trailer I bought brand new 14years ago in NC was one letter off in the manufacture ID part of the stamping, Again, lol, Dmv kicked me back to De. Highway Patrol barracks for an inspection.

if it was all in one state I'd be on a first name basis with them lol

In Oklahoma it looks like you get around safety/emission inspections

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