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Dansic 10-03-2014 08:57 PM

Base ChipGuard & Clear for all over, that lasts
Hey all, I'm planning to paint my truck soon. Hopefully before first snow fall. Anyway, I wanted some opinions on different clears and sprayable chip guards. I have access to a Sherwin Williams AWX base mixing station. So I pretty much have any color I want in waterbase. I dunno much about clear though. I've only been in the auto industry for about 2 years now. I was able to pick up the techniques easy enough, but I still lack the technical knowledge of the materials. I heard something about a few clears that just do not play well with waterbase paint, and will de-laminate pretty severe. Want to avoid that. I pretty much have my primer picked, P30A with US2. But what about clear? People say to look for stuff with high solids, but how do you know? I was referred to SW Barrett-Jackson series. I need this finish to last through some harsh winters, I plan to keep the truck for a loooong time. Think it'll do it? Also, the guns I use are Tekna PROs. And I have this 3M spary chip guard stuff... that's like $50 a f$%ing can. (rattle can) Any alternatives to that? Just like to know my options, and I know there's people out there with more knowledge than me. Thanks

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