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Originally Posted by OneMoreTime
Found this at HF:

Probably way more than I need but then the extra capacity I would need to look into the mill attachment which I do not have a clue on that..Space is ata premium at the new place so having it all is out of the question..


I don't know why their web prices are so much higher than store prices but this is a much better buy from their "special order" book at the store, this price is for delivery and pick-up at the store.

[edit, I just noticed that link does not show the price but it is $1999.99]

Now it gets even better if you are ready to buy now. With the 20% off coupon that is only $1599 for a 13x40 gap bed bench lathe with both chucks! That is the same lathe except for price and color that will cost you over $2700 including shipping from Enco!

Don't let them tell you that coupon is no good on special order items because I have used them before, so do some other people I know at other HF stores.

Just like air compressors and welders get the biggest you can afford, I have never heard anyone complain about their lathe being too big but being too small brings complaints all the time! You will also hear advice to avoid the imports and look for old American iron which is all well and good IF you can find something that is not worn out and with a decent price. These are getting extremely hard to find these days although they do pop up occasionally it is not like it was a couple of years ago, there are a lot of people looking these days. The imports are not as bad as some will say and they are in fact surprisingly good for what they cost plus they are ready to run instead of facing expensive and time consuming repairs on worn American/European machines. Check out the the Yahoo group on Harbor Freight lathes (lots of good info on all imports there) and you will find these things have quite a following and few complaints.

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