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Originally Posted by blwn31 View Post
If you're worried about scrub line, pull a string from the bottom of the front wheel rim to the opposite rear wheel rim and see if any suspension components hit the string. This will tell you if you would be in trouble if you got multiple flats.
In my opinion, these small light cars don't ride worth a darn. I've got a dropped axle car with the correct shackle angles (not binding) and the shocks are not bottoming out and the front is sorted out pretty well, it rides great on the freeway, but once you hit the crappy back roads, the ride can be quite harsh. As far as the rear, Ive got the longest lightest coilover springs that will do the job. The rear rides pretty nice considering it's a big tire car, I pretty much sit right over the rear axle. So, in my experience, they ride a bit on the harsh unless on a nice smooth paved road. Just my two cents...

Thanks, Keith. Honestly, I'm afraid to go on the freeway. I put seat belts in this thing so I don't go flying out when I hit a bump. LOL . . . AND YOU THINK I'M KIDDING.

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