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Originally Posted by One to Remember View Post
well I can tell talking to you you know a thing or two about this type of issue. you are right, I have damage to the door and I'm not sure if that's due to a straight hit from the curb or not. I swerved on the right turn after coasting about 25 feet when the breaks diddnt slow me enough. so I directly hit the curb with the bottom of my wheel and frame. the floor board is pushed up under the pedals but the bowing seems off. my feet face the new hump. I would think based off of my side swipe the hump ends would face the fire wall and the bottom of the seat. the two ends to the hump face the drivers side door and the passenger side door. I'm not sure if the drivers side door is damaged because its being wedged between the jams or if its coming out on top because impact occurred near its bottom.

what work other than to assure the struts line up would need to be done to make the car sit right on the new frame or not be relevant to the new frame doing its job? I guess I'm asking how do I isolate the warpage on the body frome effecting the new frame?

and basically with these panther frames I have a frame and ford has the cab bolted at several points? or is it welded together at certain points?

how much body damage can be worked on without the shop getting involved?
Without seeing it or pics it's really hard to say but by the sound of what you are describing it sounds as if there is possibly some door post/rocker damage and definitely some floor damage. Every situation is a little different depending on the damage and whether it can be pulled and repaired or cut and weld/replace. Stuff doesn't always pull as anticipated. The body is bolted to the frame. That's relatively straightforward, but all the body to frame bolts need to be back in and the door opening and closing properly to protect you in the event of another crash. The body is unitized welded together construction for the most part. If the door post is bent the chances of fixing it without going on a machine are slim to none. They are reinforced pretty heavily and it takes a bit of force to move them back. Frame time is not cheap and it's not uncommon to see $12-1500 for a used frame or $500 for a used door on an estimate when dealing with a salvage yard. Coupe parts might be a little more difficult to find and a little more pricey. I'm not privvy to what the shop pays but it gives an idea. If there's structural damage that is not repaired or otherwise half-a**ed you can end up dealing with water leaks, wind noise, squeaks rattles and the like and an unsafe vehicle that is of little to no value. It's not hard to end up upside down in one trying to save it so unless there is some kind of sentimental value that would make it worthwhile if you end up on that side it might be better to walk away or find a solid donor with paperwork and drop your running gear in it if you have to have that bodystyle. Not trying to discourage you but once a salvage yard takes a car apart to send you a frame in most cases it's yours whether you decide to complete the project or not and a used frame needs checked and at the minimum some basic measurements taken.

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