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Originally Posted by Onepieceatatime7 View Post
Ok now I am stumped.

Pulled plugs and did compression test. All cyl right about 150 except the #2 which was about 135. 1/4 turn on the rockers and itís 150 with the rest. I am/was really concerned I have bent a valve or something. Anyone help he interpret this?

Also, to bogies point. Yeah, I hate the intake, but I hat a gay hole in my hood even more. Could/should I change the comp ratio with Different head gaskets?

Guess I should at least send this box to mad?

And Eric nova, please resend link itís a dead link.
I run this air cleaner on the current carb Edlebrock Thunder mounted on a GMPP, LT1/4 intake on Frankenmouse.!98112!US!-1

I also run the same distributor as Ericnova llinks. I got mine from Jegs they sell it as part of their Speedmaster/Procomp line. Parts are unique to this in terms of cap, rotor, and module so it's a good idea to buy a set of spares as you probably can't find parts for this distributor at the corner parts store. I've been putting together a lower buck hot rod project for this fourm. Forst I wanted to get some time on parts leading to the completed project. So I removed the 454 TBI on the engine and its distributor replacing them with the Speedmaster distributor and rebuilding what looked like a decent Edlebrock Thunder from EBay at a very good price. My view is he tried to tune it but couldn't, but he tried plenty of evidence of that with not understanding what the problem was. What he missed was a float with fuel leaking into it. I replaced the floats, put in a kit, increased the lean jetting these come with by one step richer on jets only. The engine runs very strong but to get the kind of mileage that just happens with the TBI, if that's what I want, I have to work for it; one romp on the throttle puts a simile on my face with a dent in my wallet.

Of you use the Speedmaster on a flat tappet cam it's good to go. If you run it on a roller the simple way is just buy their bronze gear. This is because of two things you run into. First Speedmaster uses the GM size .491 inch shaft not the afyermarket .5 inch shaft. The other is they use a larger diameter retaining pin than GM which means if you use a GM gear that fits the shaft, you will need to drill out the pin's hole in the gear to the larger size used by Speedmaster's shaft. Their dog house module pins differently than GM, so unless you mount a GM style module on the firewall and jumper it to the distributor, you do need to have a just in case spare. This also uses the 92 mm Speedmaster cap there are seveal that look similar but don't fit, same goes for the rotor. This distributor is impedance matched to the Speedmaster/Procomp PCE 91 E core coil. Not matching module to coil impedance eats weaker which is usually the module, this is a generality of electronic circuits not exclusive to Procomp/Speedmaster.

I've got a few thousand miles on this stuff without issue.

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