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matt167 12-31-2015 07:52 PM

Dealing with shop mis management
I work at a tire shop, been there longer than all but one tech and was going to leave a few months ago and had a tenetive last day that was well ahead of.. Around the same time, the shop supervisor left for another job and the guy right below me got his position. I was going to leave anyway so I didn't really care... Well, this guy has turned into a real ding dong, and calling it a mismanaged shop is putting it lightly..

The shop cannot afford the loss of my presence and I'm get along with the crew so I decided to stay. This is like a month ago

Now, the mis management

Were running out of everything.
.025, .050 and .050 wheel weights are out of just about every style
We have no tire cleaner at all minus one can that's in use.
We have very little tire lube
We have 2 air lines crimped off with vice grips

Both tire machines need work. Tire machine #1 has a leaking air cylinder on the clamp jaws. That causes it to not hold a tire, unless the pedal is held up to keep the cylinder full.. Tire machine #2 needs new jaws because they are worn to the point, they do not always hold well enough.
Both machines issues reported to supervisor, and he knew about them anyway... He did No actions or requisitions from the upper management

Tire machine #1 ripped a tire/wheel off in my face while I was using it, on supervisors day off. To the point that it would no longer reliably work correctly . So I grabbed a lockout tag and locked it out, then I let the upper management know..

I did not work the day after that, but when I came back in, the lockout tag was missing and the machine still broken. One of the other co workers told me that he said, It needed service but it worked ok if you "used it right"

The issue is, this place is part of a larger corporation and management is actually listening to him ( they unlocked the lockout tag at his request ).. BUT, there cluing in as to his mis management, since I reported him for lack of professionalism when he was spray painting a coworker ( his friend, they were horsing around:rolleyes: ) and blowing valve stems out of water bottles.. Camera system is pretty extensive

Anybody ever have these kind of issues? And yes I'm next in line for his position, and I have plans to turn the place around if it comes my way

idrivejunk 12-31-2015 08:55 PM

All you have to do is continue being a diligent employee, and wait. Guys like that "take care of" themselves. Unforunately the big name on the building may take longer to catch on. If it doesn't go your way, look elsewhere or stay.

tdkkart 12-31-2015 09:06 PM

One thing will always hold true, "management reserves the right to mismanage".

matt167 12-31-2015 09:30 PM

yea, and to a point I would call that acceptable. Like not scheduling a service writer to work a shift, and having to loose a tech to go do that.. Or like his predecessor would get behind on certain things, but never would have he let the stuff get this bad.

69612 12-31-2015 09:38 PM

i have been in the same position several times. incompetent supervisors and incompetent workers on my level that were all eyeing the supervisors job. they knew i was next in line. and they made my life horrible. then one day. the GM was gone to a meeting my supervisor was gone to the same meeting. none of the other workers would help.. i had 10 phone lines going on my own.. a massive stack of orders to pull that the order pullers refused to pull. the other managers refused to request their workers that were assigned to that duty.. i was a man alone.. with customers standing there asking for their orders. i did the wrong thing.. i got fed up with it and walked out.. if i had waited 30 minutes.. the GM was on his way back with my promotion. which would have been over every body there but the GM. corporate was crazy upset as was the GM and almost everybody involved got their hours reduced and eventually replaced.

so.. you really might want to hang on. it takes time for evidence to build up against inept supervisors to give them a reason to terminate. or transfer them.

i ran across a post over at imgur..

My Life would be so much easier if i wasn't intelligent enough to realize how F__ing stupid some people are.

i had a former co worker.. who actually made it up the chain .. he became zone manager. when i knew him.. he was a nice enough jolly guy.. man.. he became zone manager for probably 40 or 50 stores.. his hiring practices were horrible.. he would only hire or allow to be hired people from the same just south of the border country he was from.. he actually did a HUGE amount of damage to that chain.. that still exists to some point. their parts counters used to have take a ticket numbering and massive lines.. now the stores are almost empty.. and if you stand in line.. there is usually nobody to help you.. they are somewhere in the back hiding.. or they have new people who tell you that part is dealer only or no longer available. i on my rare visits to that store chain.. i see 1 out of 5 people leave the counter without their parts. when i get to the counter.. i usually have to redirect the clerks to look up the part under this name.. and that they actually do have that part on the shelf. but then i have to do that at many chain parts stores..

so.. hang on.. chances are you will get promoted..

if that tire machine lock out is a safety issue... does the corporate have a shop equipment specialist... osha fines for broken machines or unsafe machines are usually not small. did you fill out an report on the failure and the reason for the lockout and send it to corporate..

perhaps corporate is looking at him in a good way as he has reduced overhead costs.. by not fixing or restocking the consumables.

if you are charging for wheel balance and don't have the proper weights for some rims.. i guess you can just hammer on the wrong ones.. sure does not look professional..

timothale 01-01-2016 02:53 AM

log book ! !
Start a log book an document everything. If someone gets hurt, OSHA inspection, You will be covered . I have have heard of a employee getting sued when someone else got hurt and you knew things were wrong but did nothing about it.

matt167 01-01-2016 03:05 AM

The machine that needs repair has finally been called in. We get someone right from Coats to service them.. When I first learned it had an issue, it threw a rim off the machine. That side of the air cylinder collapsed and the other 2 jaws took up the slack at the same time. It was reported then to the incopetent manager... 2 other employees want me as the manager, and there talking to me about what he does when I'm not there.

As for balancing, I either use sticky weights or add weight to the opposite side when I don't have the right sized small weights..

3repete 01-01-2016 04:02 AM

The problem with adding offsetting weight across from the oversize weight is that it's then visibly incorrect. You are better off with a cut off weight to get your value correct in the single location. That also makes it obvious the correct weights are not available.
And to take it a step further you should attempt to get instructions from your ******* supervisor on how to balance wheels without proper weights. Whatever he responds is wrong, so get him to put it to paper if you can.

I have worked for those big faceless corporations. Sucks that they have to operate costs in the ways you describe. But it's part of the deal. Profit or die.
Believe me, there are folks in collar shirts answering to folks in ties about the same things.
They are store and district managers.

LATECH 01-01-2016 06:31 AM

You need to decide "Is staying and waiting for a GOOD manager to appear worth waiting for in this Job"?

I have been in that situation and the answer is most always NO.

You decide. Its your life you are wasting here.
I personally would split.
Sounds like the place is going down the tubes anyway.

I work in a shop where the service manager is on top of EVERYTHING.
Its pretty good. Never a shortage of anything, parts are ALWAYS on time if not earlier,period.
Machines are repaired or replaced.
They make good money because they are prepared for making good money.
If things are broken and time is wasted, how can you make your full potential of profit? YOU CANT!!!
You need to examine your chain of command, and contact the appropriate person for results, or switch jobs

Irelands child 01-01-2016 06:36 AM

There are regulations about how lock outs are applied and removed. NY State Dept of Labor frowns on folks that don't follow them. The tag installer is supposed to be the only one who can remove that tag. Anyone else - should be walked to the door and told to never return, that his last check is in the mail. Yeah, there are circumstances when others can remove it, but need to be documented.

Then of course, you also want/need to keep working as your area, if I recall, isn't exactly booming with nice paying jobs with some tenure

39 master 01-01-2016 08:06 AM

Think we have all worked for outfits like this at one time. Lots of the workers will not support someone who is on track for promotion. Sort of "I don't want the job but I don't want you to have it". There are several ways to combat this. First, go to the inept super and tell him your efforts are being undermined by Bob, Frank and Jim. You just shifted the game to HIM. Second, understand that you can not carry a company all by yourself. Last, safety issues trump all. Calls to outside agencies may be in order. Refuse to work in unsafe areas. Document.

S10xGN 01-01-2016 08:26 AM

Not too far off topic. I worked for a major oil refinery for 35 years before retiring 5 years ago. The last 10 or so years of my employment, management would seemingly scrape the bottom of the barrel on promotions. It was a "catch 22" situation, no one in their right mind wanted a position that required being on call 24/7 and working 60 to 80 hour weeks with no overtime, so the only ones who would accept were severely unqualified. After a few years of this, the intelligence level of management was low enough overall that any new promotions were always going to be people that were either "yes men" or low enough in smarts so they wouldn't get "shown up" in a discussion. I was lucky enough (read: saved my $$$) to have been able to get out at 57 without suffering a financial meltdown, but not so for a lot of coworkers who are still stuck out there. Very similar parallels to our federal government, at least TX hasn't gone that way yet...


matt167 01-02-2016 04:38 PM

It was hinted to me today by the bigger boss that, there just building up more stuff on him. They are fully aware he is an incompetent yutz. more or less and the big manager is tired of dealing with his screwups

matt167 01-03-2016 07:23 AM

Well, incompetent manager is just deciding on what's policy and what's not because he is boss... Now I didn't mention this before, but he is someone that I actually had a part in training. He came to the shop with NO shop experience, and NO formal training.

I looked and there was a 2 tire job on a Subaru Outback on the computer. I walked out to the car, looked at the tires and noticed all 4 were about bald. he had 2 tires barely at 2/32" legal...

Our written policy in the books is simply to turn the customer away if the tires are not within 5/32" on an AWD unless they go for 4 tires. The tires he was buying come with 10/32", so he should have been turned away, and beyond that the car should have been inspected prior to finalizing the workorder since it was a 2 tire on an AWD.. I got ahold of the service writer who was right next to the manager and she called the guy who had left to get something to eat, and the manager talked to him.. The guy said do it anyway and rather than stand up for policy, he caved and said ok... Now going against policy like that is 'ok' once in a while to keep the customer happy. BUT, our computer system has a 'disclaimer' system so that we can acknowledge problems with a car, or that the AWD system can be damaged from mis matched tires ect...
The AWD policy is to cover us from AWD system damage, so it's VERY important.

Well, I completed the car, and put a disclaimer out that said our policy is normally 5/32" difference and gave the calculated difference, then stated AWD system may be damaged from it. I more or less did it to cover myself, and didn't tell the manager I did it.... When the disclaimer printed with the work order, the manager tossed it in the trash. It was my shift end, so I just left, which was best because I was furious...

The worst part is, I know Subaru's and being a 5spd, the difference in diamater being so great, will actually damage the center differential, I know of Subaru's that's happened to. That's a $600 part, and about a grand in labor to install, since a dealer is the only likely shop willing to touch it. The Auto's are a 'little' more forgiving since they do not use a viscous coupler to the rear, they have an electronic clutch system.. Without the disclaimer, the shop is liable for those damages. And with the markup on the 2 tires only being $10 each, and then another $24 for mounting and balancing them, we only made $44 in profit on that car.. Not hardly worth the risk.

So, I'm gonna put my job on the line. Tell the main manager I can't ethically work under him if he has total ignorance for policy, and then undermine me when I try to cover myself of liabilities. I'll let him know on his ignorance of policy since it directly effected me... This will just haunt me and eat at me otherwise

poncho62 01-03-2016 07:45 AM

I think I would have been fishing that disclaimer out of the trash just to be on the safe side. I also would have done it right in front of the so called manager.

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