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Originally Posted by umax9900
I was not going to interject my opinion to your reply but you say intended market. As you speak of Wal-Mart and their intended market and products.

Wal-Mart does not put a cheap junk product on their shelves in general. Wal-Mart market is is the consumers. Wal-mart set the market by strategically analyzing the future of the market and moving before the other retail stores did. Consumer habits shifted from local stores to large discount stores that have everyday name brand items such as Nabisco, Goodyear, etc. They sell, in general, every day products that you can get elsewhere but at discounted prices due to their leverage of buying bulk inventory at lower prices.

On the automotive side.....Dupli-color intended market is a cheap product for the cheap market. Kinda like why go to Vegas and pay for high dollar hookers when you can get them in your own town cheap....only difference is some of the high dollar hookers in Vegas produce good results. You get what you pay for...and no I have never paid for a hoooker only making a comparison

I'm not trying to create a stir but Yes it does have its intended use and market.
I love a good debate I'm having fun with this.LOL! I like the hooker thing I'm going to use that one LOL!

Well some see walmart as something diffrent cheapo china products for the most part Or american companys with plants there so YA. but thats a diffrent post HEHEHE!

This is a product for an intended market. I understant perfectly well the pro and con.

But What made my mission is just demissing a product out of hand. So I'm shoot it!

You seem to be interested, Why not go to duplicolor site see the vids and tell me what you think based on what there saying. SO truck Universe got a vid Trucks and Gears. Oh Two Guys Garage also.
I want to hear someone take five min out of there day and review it basic on what there tell everyone. SO far know ones doing that well except me!

See there is only one out come it works or it don't.
Question I have is how well and how long will it last. Its a new product so know one can say for sure so there is alway someone that going to do it so I guess that me.

SO when I report the pros can say see told you so or its something different

So we will see.

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