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chasracer 08-29-2019 10:32 PM

Ford Engine Id
I have a new side project starting tomorrow. Not exactly a hot rod but it does have an engine swap. 2003 Ford Explorer which I assume came with the 4.6 V8 but now has a 5.4 engine and matching transmission. Car runs okay, driving it, there are a couple of issues with what I believe are the tires and brake steering. Overall the body/interior are in very good condition. A couple of plastic pieces broken but all of the electrical functions work. Power windows, sun roof, power seats, door locks, power mirrors, etc - all good.

I understand the 5.4 came in a few different flavors so I am interested in getting an ID on the engine. Obviously the VIN is of no help so does anyone know where to find the factory markings on the 5.4s? I also have a copy of ForScan on this laptop that I use to take care of the F-350 and F-53 - that hopefully will give me some Id info too.

And yes I know about the spark plug problems these engines have - that's one of the first things I want to take a look at and get squared away. Supposedly this engine has 90k on it but I am thinking it's somewhat less. The engine was changed out by a shop and was a re-manufactured engine (Jasper maybe?) the previous owner could not pay the bill and sold to the person that I have bought the car from. He indicates that he has owned it 3 years. Info on the title tomorrow will tell me more. However putting 90k on a car in 3 years means some very serious driving. Doable for sure but that's averaging about 600 miles every week for 3 years straight. The guy has a local job close to where he lives so it's not adding up.

And I noticed that the A/C ventilation fan has 4 positions on it. 1,2,3,4. Position 1, you can hardly feel anything from the vents, 2 and 3 a little better but also about the same. 4 is all out max air. I know that 1-3 positions are inline with a resistor and 4 is not but I wonder if the resistor is about done? Or is there a blend door, vacuum issue going on - I didn't feel or notice any miss from the engine so at least up to the controller the vacuum lead should be okay. Any input?

Jojo'sdaddy 08-31-2019 10:55 AM

It's been a few years since I've worked on fleet trucks but I believe it was 07 when they switched to the long skinny plugs that are infamous for breaking. There were some other changes were made around 04.

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Rip VW 08-31-2019 05:01 PM

I have a 1997 4.6 that had the plugs that would seize in the head. I paid a dealer big money one time to have them do it and then I would pull the plugs every 10K and put them back with a fresh coat of good anti seize. Oh big caution on plug changes use a torque wrench to install them. It don't take much to screw up a cylinder head!:cool:

chasracer 08-31-2019 08:58 PM

I went racing today but the wife worked on cleaning up the interior, carpets, etc so it's looking much better already. I plan on taking a look at stuff tomorrow and run the scanner program to see what issues are going on. Right now, I am pretty sure that the air filter is shot and in turn the map is at least dirty. I would guess that the throttle body needs to be pulled and cleaned too. Based on the way the car runs cold versus warmed up tells me that the air charge sensor might be an issue. Then it's on to the plugs, but I did a lot of reading on them and so I am prepared for the amount of time it can take to get them out safely. There's a check engine light and the previous owner said he had that checked and it was a oxygen sensor - of course if it was checked at an auto parts store - it's always the oxygen sensor! Could be but over all the vehicles that I have owned over all of these years, I have only had one of those sensors actually go bad. Maybe I'm just lucky? Last item for now is that I was right about the engine/trans mileage - it's actually right at 35k not 90k.

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