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Originally Posted by HotRodMan View Post
I ordered a new master cylinder and I can tell a world of difference in the replacement over the other new unit. The piston is much harder to push in and it does not go in as far. Feels much firmer. I ordered a new, not rebuilt unit both times in an effort to prevent problems. I have not installed it yet.

I took one hub off at a time and press the brake pedal down, and the front shoe moves forward and up a little bit and then sticks in that position. The rear shoe does not move at all. This must be what is causing the brake shoes to drag. It is doing this on all 4 wheels now. I am sure it did not do this on the rear in the beginning because I put my hand on all 4 wheels when the problem first started and the rear wheels were cool. The problem got worse as I drove the car and I think its because the rear, (front) shoes are now pushing forward and sticking, where they were not doing that before.

So far I have checked my old shoes against the new shoes and they are identicle. The springs are strong because it takes a lot of strength to get them on there. Ware pattern on the shoes is located on the upper 90% of the shoe. Primary short shoe on front, secondary long shoe on back. I have already removed the front wheel cylinders, honed, cleaned, checked for smooth operation, lubed with brake fluid.

It does not make sense to me that only the front shoe on all 4 wheels is moving and then gets stuck and the back shoe is not moving at all. It also does not make sense that the rear did not do this originally but now they are. I suspect there might be trash in the brake lines, or I have 4 bad wheel cylinders which does not seem likely. Strangest problem I have ever encountered with brakes.

Would be interested in your thoughts on what to do next. Thanks for all the help so far.

I think you are trying too many things.
Also, with no drum on it's highly possible what you are seeing is normal. If you put all but 1 front drum on again and put a C clamp around the backing plate in such a manner as to only allow the front shoe to move 1/16", then try lightly pressing the pedal. I'm sure then the rear shoe would also move outward. What this will prove ... IDK? Probably that your rear brakes did not also suddenly develop a problem.

Also I would hold off with the master cylinder until the first problem is fixed. If fluid didn't come squirting out the bleeders with the pedal up and the front wheels locked up, then the fluid is not holding the brakes on.
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