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tapkoote 08-27-2017 07:49 PM

FYI cooling a SBF
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On very hot days 85+*, stop & go traffic, I'll get vacuum lock in the fuel supply. With the engine heat soaked and temp at 220*. I ran across a guy with a Sunbeam Tiger, they also have cooling problems, he had me look up this article. Cooling the Sunbeam Tigerby Tiger Tom and Chuck King - Tigers East/Alpines East
It may have been posted before but I haven't come across it. And after building a fan shroud, from junk yard pieces, it's worked for me.
I'm running a 17" 7 blade fan, Griffin 1 1/4 " rad. and dammed up all the holes around the shroud.
86* today - cross town traffic, just barely got over 180*. It would have been 200* at the second stop & go light. And 220 not long after.
keep kool

delawarebill 08-28-2017 08:43 AM

hot sbf's
i feel the shroud was the biggest key part. i went a little different in the mustang. 3 core alum rad, factory shroud, 19" flex fan. works for me.

FASTFORD 08-28-2017 12:43 PM

when I first got my coupe on the road there was a similar issue.
I got lucky & talked to an old hot rodder that had built many cars.

drill one 1/8 hole near the outer edge of the T-stat to allow air to purge when filling the system.

if the radiator is 18" wide, no fan smaller than 16" diameter &
17" is best. that is an example for any size radiator.

shroud on radiator with fan half in/half outside the shroud.

force all air flow through the radiator. block any air passage under,over or around the sides.
congratulations on getting your ride to run cool :thumbup:

tapkoote 08-29-2017 12:31 PM


drill one 1/8 hole near the outer edge of the T-stat to allow air to purge when filling the system.

They did test that, myself, haven't ever had trouble filling a SBF even with stock manifold -knock on wood-

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