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zbhover 10-26-2008 08:15 PM

Hard Top Convertible V8 Beetle???
Hello everyone as some of you know my wife and I are building a 350 powered 69 convertible Beetle. We have the engine and beetle body, and are planning on putting both on a cut down S-10 blazer chassis.

Well yesterday I was sitting on the floor in the beetle body imagining I was driving it :cool: LOL. My wife and I were talking about the project and some how we got thinking about a hardtop convertible. I was thinking I might be able to modify the original framework and build the top out of panels of foam and glass like I do with our hovercrafts. Probably be 4 or 5 panels that would fold up where the stock top does???

Going with our own top would open up the doors to more changes on the car. Instead of widening the finders to fit the width of the S-10 tires we’d be able to widen the car and give us more interior room, and maybe even stretch it out a little more to give more room inside or for the engine and tranny???

Has anyone seen a hard top convertible beetle???????? If so does anyone have any pics??? How about any home made hardtop convertibles??? I guess I could always go to the Pontiac dealer and act like I’m looking to upgrade my g6 sedan to the hardtop convertible to steal…….errrrrrr “borrow” :evil: some ideas LOL

Any thoughts, comments, ideas, pics, etc would be appreciated



zbhover 10-28-2008 09:25 PM

Nobody have any ideas, thoughts or seen a homemade hardtop vert???? Maybe I could be a first :cool:

When I get time in the next week or so I'll take some measurements, look it over real good and come up with some ideas and maybe do a little 3D modeling and post what I come up with and see what we get from there.............



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