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The gauge should be good as before I even had the regulator hooked up when I first fired up my truck it would read 6 psi from my previous electric pump and I do have it on my list to unhook my pump from the regulator and straight up to my carb to see if it is only putting out 3 psi. If that is the case then the pump is gonna have to be replaced even though its brand new but the crap you buy nowadyays I have read many positive reviews on the carter mechanical fuel pumps on summit but a few negatives here and there where people were getting pumps putting out over 10 psi at times and they were never meant to put out that much.

The quality control nowadays is like a dinosaur and that being extinct. I got another pump on the way and if that fails then I will buy a high pressure pump that requires a regulator and see how that goes but I am doing on thing at a time. I also fount out the other day I have something going on somewhere else that is causing me problems something ignition related and I checked my timing and its coming out ok but something is going on.

My MSD box might be going bad after only 5 years of use. You drive at lower speeds and it wants to sputter faintly and then once you get up to higher rpm cruising speeds its runs fine and i know its not my carb as i just rebuilt and put that thing together a few months ago and even did a few adjustments on it to see and no difference on that part. So I have a check list of things that I have to now try to sort out and find my culprit.

I got me a new Petronix HP box to replace my MSD as I have read many people having problems with the quality of there boxes after a short time going bad and stuff. I am putting new plug wires and everything else on it as a precaution since i had a pare on hand. That is why years back I started to buy some extra parts to keep on hand such as ignition stuff and carb stuff and other things so like when this stuff happens I already have it bought and just pick it off the shelf.

It seems nothing can last nowadays anymore.
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