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Holley Street Avenger 770 - stall issues

Hey guys,
Before I get going bear with me as I am a self proclaimed novice at this and am doing my best. Bought this truck a little while ago. Already have had some help on this forum that was appreciated.

First the low down on the engine.
402 BBC (from what evidence I have gathered)
781 heads
Performer RPM intake
3" stainless exhaust
MSD HEI distributor
It has an aftermarket cam but I do not know what it is. Pretty rumpy though.

The trcuk had (from what evidence I gathered) a small Holley Marine carbuerator on it. List #50418

Just bought a new Holley 770 Street Avenger carb. Put it on last night. Hooked all of the ports and such up to the required items as called out in the instructions. (Does the full manifold port go directly to the intake?)

After all was hooked up I tried to start the motor and it just cranked and cranked. Nothing. So I advanced the timing slightly and away it went. Lots of fuel came out the back of the pipes. I am guessing this was due to the time I was cranking and not getting spark at the right time??

And the engine did backfire through the carb one time with a gray mist type offering that I am guessing was all the excess fuel built up.

Before you ask I did not recheck my timing yet.

I let the engine idle until it came up to operating temp. At one time the fumes were string enough to make my eyes water. (Sounds like more and more fun as I go doesn't it?)

Finally when the engine was at full temp and running quite smooth actually I took it out for a ride.

I idled out my driveway and started easing down the street when I decided to give it a little goose to see what it was going to do. and..... blah!!!

I stalled out. I cranked it a couple times and it started back up but I bascially had to idle it back to the garage.

When I got back jsut for kicks I took out the front sight screw and fuel just came raining out.

Obviously I need to adjust this float. But can this cause the stall?

Also please note that the prior arb that was on the vehicle had all of the vacuum lines connected to the manifold. (Was there more vacuum for the vac advance on the distributor?)

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Getting a new timing light today too.
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