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I`ve used RTV sealant on more head bolts than I can count, still do so to this day. clean the bolts, and when you reuse them if they don`t feel spoungy they are fine
I can honestly say I don't have any real use for RTV. I would never use it on a head bolt, or stud What the heck would be feeling spongy??? The old silicone still on the threads when torquing?

IMHO, there are products better suited for the task than RTV - which is always found somewhere it does not belong. I have found tubs of it over the years, in sump pick-ups, radiators, thermostats, oil galleys, orifices, in the lifter valley, used on intakes as well as throughout the crankcases of various engines, transmission pans/filters, and rear ends. It is not compatible with everything. I have even seen it on lug nuts!!! I hate RTV The 'a little is good a lot is better' mentality seems to be the case with this stuff. Permatex #2 or #80019 for me. JMO

Thank You very much.

the only way that it could've gotten there though is from a pretty lousy mechanic who put the engine together last. But that is something to worry about, because who knows what other mistakes he made on the engine that you will find over time

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