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Installing new body mounts

Hello guys I have a few questions here and I am doing this on my 96 chevy s10 and I saw the other day that one of my body cab mounts that the bottom bushing was so dry rotted that it just fell off with the rusted retainer as well and then I got to thinking I wonder how my other body mounts look as sure as enough they are all dry rotted and need replacing on all six.

There is two under the radiator core support and four for the cab and when I look up parts they mention about body positions 1 for the one mount and the other mounts say position 2 and 3. I do not know what positions are what as I have never messed with this before but seems simple enough to replace them.

I also noticed the two mounts on the radiator core support look the same as the two rear cab mounts and the front cab mounts look the same but different from the other four so am I assuming if I buy four of the same ones that look like the radiator core support ones and rear cab mounts that will replace all four of them and then if I buy two of the same that look like the front cab mounts then I will be good? Also I noticed the bolts which look like studs with nuts on them vs the other mounts that have regular bolts on them on my front radiator support mounts are really rusted and I am afraid of striping or breaking something and I don't have a torch but a propane torch though and I know to blast it with some pb blaster and let it sit for a while and hopefully I can get them loose.

Do I have to jack up the cab or anything while I change each mount at a time or can I just change one at a time by slipping out the old bushings and then pushing the new ones in? Also is it ok to put antiseize on the bolts when I install new ones or do I have to use locktite as I have read some people do and also what should I torque these bolts at?

I wish I could get a kit that has all the rubber bushings along with new bolts for all areas along with new retainers steel plates as mine have fallen off and are long gone. I have looked and all I can find is getting each piece separately except for the two front cab mounts that have the big mushroomed metal retainer on the bottom bushings vs the others that don't have them.The truck is stock height and all factory.

Thanks guys and hope anyone can help me with suggestions here.
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