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08-07-2004 02:48 PM 1949 Oldsmobile - more 'as-is'
I'd like to keep these old gauges, if I can figure a way to get them to work with 12V.

Lots of rust in the floor, but no holes. Likewise for the fender wells.

(click photo to enlarge)

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08-07-2004 02:40 PM '85 Caprice audio aggravation-2
Just noticed that neither of the other two photos showed the top edge of the new faceplate. That's the part that fits under the heater/a-c controls faceplate and over a couple of pegs in the metal frame that holds the controls. The two larger semi-circular cut-outs fit around some other protrusions from that frame.

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-06-2004 08:19 PM '85 Caprice audio aggravation
Reading Ghetto Jet's journal entry ( not sure how to insert URLs so I'll just stick standard html in and hope -- <a href=" Get%20Started%20With%20the%20Improvements"> Let's Get Started With The Improvements</a>) about the frustration encountered in replacing the radio in an '85 Caprice inspired me to post my own similar ordeal. My son has such a land yacht, but his solution to the crappy radio was to stick a portable CD player on the seat with one of those cassette-shaped things in the factory cassette player. That was just too fugly for me.

I won't tell how many hours and cussing went into taking the factory junk out. It was too many and too much. GM must think there are thieves out there dumb enough to try to steal that thing. You can't take out the two visible screws and the two hidden ones in the ashtray area and slide the unit out. The heater and air conditioner controls will stop you. The short wiring cables will stop you. You must scrape your knuckles on the raw edges to disconnect the wiring to the radio, and then, using your prehensile alien tentacles with built-in metric and fractional inch sockets, remove various and sundry tiny screws, bolts and nuts that connect the heater/a-c controls to the radio and its faceplate.

If you don't have such prehensile tentacles with assorted built-in sockets, you can do like I did and just rip the s.o.b. off and out from under the heater/a-c faceplate.

My replacement faceplate started life as part of the hood of a Dodge Dakota. After beating it into a shape that kinda fit, I realized I forgot the tail-piece where the screws from the ashtray bay would hold it. That's the rough mess in the first photo. Please don't hurt yourself laughing at the weld; I'm just proud I didn't blow a series of holes in it this time.

The second photo is after considerable sanding and a spray-bomb can of flat black. I think the color was a mistake because it shows every fingerprint. (The mess in the floorboard and the carpet are not mine). The new faceplate with its simple rectangular cut-out means the next CD player installation will be a breeze.

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(click photo to enlarge)
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08-04-2004 01:55 AM 1949 Olds - more interior "befores"
Rear seat is unbolted - the gray flannel-looking upholstery looks original; I'm not sure about that red stuff. I'm still debating over how much should be custom and how much should be restoration. Just in case, I'm saving everything I pull off and taking pictures of just about everything.

Headliner bows are stored. Maybe the shot of the headliner and dome light with stir some nostalgia in other old farts like me.

Big steering wheel for leverage

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-04-2004 01:13 AM 1949 Olds - Dash
Dash is clean but ugly. Looks like there might be room to hide some music in there.

(click photo to enlarge)

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