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08-23-2006 05:31 AM Robs 34- catchin' up
I have been off line for a while because my computer died. I went out and bought a new digital camera and now I can continue.
The pic below is of the V6 on the stand after a clean up with my cool rocker covers made here in Aus.

(click photo to enlarge)
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02-26-2006 04:36 AM Robs 34 the bonnet saga
I had a really nice 34 bonnet on my last 34 and Andrew who bought the car decided to sell it back to me as he wanted a different look, I was happy to get it but I secretly wanted a full four piece bonnet. I met a guy who said he had a good one and we swapped outside a meeting hall in the late evening I trusted him because he was a Rodder too. Listen to me fellows ,the words "buyer beware " ring in my ears whenever I look at it, in fact my 'good' bonnet was crap and unsalvageable. I had to make one myself. So I did, the sides were pretty OK but needed a fair bit of rework so I could keep them. For some reason the front angle of the bonnet sides was not the same as I had measured off a stocker so I had to add some steel to this edge. I also made some nice strong side hinges which allow me to open it up to 90 degrees. Next I tackled the radiator mounts which I incorporated the cooling fans into, I also made a cover between the top of the grille shell and the radiator. On a roll I cut the floor and made a reinforcing ring to retain the strength and made a removable shifter holder. I will be making an elliptical console as a complementary design to the dash into which I will be putting the key and the switches so keeping my dash clean.

(click photo to enlarge)
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02-26-2006 04:17 AM Robs 34 and a new dash
The dash I made before incorporated the Rover instruments and was not at all usable with the electronic senders for the newer gear. I decided to use a stock Commodore dash after all I had one already. the cluster is a rather clumsy looking oblong affair so armed with a pencil and a compass, I drew a few ideas out and came out with a sort of harbour bridge look, witha strip below for the multitude of warning lights, I put it in the centre of the new dash and added an aluminium cover and a complementary design on either side, I also made a new attachment method for the dash at the same time. I wired the whole shebang with the original loom, I just relocated the DFI coil pack and the map sensor out of the way. At the same time I rewired the main loom so it was under the dash instead of the middle of the engine compartment, that motor is gunna need some tidying up before I am happy with it! An Aussie will note the absence of the AC compressor a necessity due to it hanging off the LH mount in the stock configuration, and the fact I have relocated the coil pack left an ugly bracket which I trimmed for three hours with my die grinder.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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02-26-2006 03:55 AM Robs 34 the new direction
Well I got right into the 34 in the past few weeks since removing the Rover running gear. I bought a wrecked 1989 Commodore and took out the engine, trans, master cylinder, shifter, instrument cluster and wiring as well as some other stuff. First order of business was to fit the V6 and TH700R4 in, was quite easy after relocting the steering shaft center suppotr a little closer to the firewall andmaking a new LH engine mount (the original was ahuge alloy affair) by using a RH mount and cutting the base off and reversing it worked real well. The mounts to the frame were quite basic and I made them from flat 50 x 6mm stock. next was to mount the trans, I had to make a new base for the mount as I wanted to keep the engine rear set as far as I could I have only tacked this as I have to take the body off again.Picture show the story so far and that rather ugly engine!

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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01-07-2006 03:50 AM Then there was 4 - goodbye Rover
The Rover adption experiment came to a halt a couple of weeks ago when I worked out the actual distance between the convertor and the flex plate when seated was a little over 26mm. Although the other components worked well you dont have to be Einstein to work out that the bolts attaching the two together would be too long to transfer the torque of a stock 175 HP Rover let alone the engine I was planning to put out 300 HP wit the assistance of strokink and a blower. I decided that the Rover engine could be put aside and I would go the way that is becoming quite popular in Oz with Rods driven on the street every day. I am putting in the matching V6 engine from a Holden. Where many of you will shout out "not an eight , thats not a Hotrod" I will endeavour to forward my case. The V6 uses unleaded petrol, it has EFI and distributorless ignition and I can buy bits at les than half the price of the Rover bits, plus I can get them anywhere in Australia at a wrecking yard or a local parts store. I intend to DRIVE this rod to Queensland this year and to Western Australia next year the QLD trip is 5 000KM return and the WA trip is 7 000 KM in distance. Plus I bought an entire Holden Commodore for $500 Oz which is a bit more than a gasket set was going to cost me for the Rover. I'm getting a new digital camera soon so I will post piccies of the rest of the project then. Cheerio and Happy new Year!

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