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01-05-2006 03:23 AM my 1956 f-100
I have wanted a 1956 ford f-100 since I was 14 years old. My neighbor did a resto-mod in his garage and I fell in love with his.

Fast forward many, many years to November 19th, 2005. I finally had the opportunity to purchase my truck. We (dad and I) drove all night from here in Northern Arkansas to the other side of Knoxville Tennessee and picked it up. Dad was so excited he drove all the way home by himself as soon as we had it loaded. (1240 miles round trip---driven straight through).

Its straight and solid. Its a running truck. I did some minor repairs and fluid changes once we got it here. Its all street legal and a blast to drive now.

Right now money is tight, but once things settle down a little it will have a modern drive train installed.

(click photo to enlarge)

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01-05-2006 03:35 AM interior
This is the current interior of the truck. The seat is original, but has been recovered. The carpet and headliner (also carpet) has been added and was not stock. The oil gauge is the only other thing in the cab that is not stock (that I know about). Absolutely everything works. The Windshield wipers, heater, defroster, lights, gauges, speedometer, the cowl vent, etc., etc.

(click photo to enlarge)

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01-06-2006 03:09 AM plans and possibilities?
Nothing is set in stone as far as modifications to the truck. This is a bad time of year financially with me being off work for a month (I teach at 2 colleges).

I am working on trades for parts though. They will start happening the end of January first of February (I hope). Right now it looks like I will get a 1986 t-bird donor car. It has a 5.0 SEFI (not H.O.) and an AOD. Its a complete running car.

I will use the wiring, computer, steering column, and anything else I can strip off of it (gas tank door?). I have another possible trade for most of the parts to swap onto the stock 5.0 for a semi - H.O. conversion. Intake, throttle body, injectors, sensors, roller cam, roller lifters.

I do not have a line on the heads, MAF/wiring or mustang computer yet. I will get it all running in the stock form and then swap in the better stuff.

I have ideas for the radiator/cooling system (donors), but will see what I can find as it comes along.

I am trading some junk Chevy parts for a ford 9" (3.50 gears). I hope to find a 2nd gen ranger fuel tank. They are 17 gallon and already contain the sending unit and fuel pump I will need for the EFI.

I plan on doing the Aerostar IFS swap. There are a lot of junked out ones sitting around here. One is a couple of miles up the highway. It will not be hard at all to simply buy a whole one. That will give me the IFS, power disk brakes, power rack and pinion steering, and a sway bar. A side effect will be to lower the front.

I am not sure which vehicle the booster, master cylinder, and pedals will come out of. I will grab them both and see which will fit better.

A lot can change if these trades don't come though, but basically thats the plan even if I have to find other deals.

I will add a few more pics of the truck as well.

Pic 1. The original 272 Y-block V8. The truck has an original 3 speed on the column. Thats all verified by the VIN. The original color is "R" or torch red.

Pic 2. The hood after some tweaking. The hinges work now and the hood stays up by itself.

Pic 3. The passenger side of the truck. This is the worst side as far as looks. Its solid and straight, but has many layers of paint and primer. The whole truck is that way. I see many weeks of sanding in my future. LOL

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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03-01-2006 01:44 AM slight delay in plans
Well..there is now a slight delay. Not for the usual reasons though. I have decided to go drive to the supernationals in Knoxville, TN if at all possible.

To that end:

I just put on some used Goodyear tires and the stainless ford "baby moons" that came with it. I put in a new O'reilly auto battery. I ( rebuilt the Holly 2100 carb. I put in new sealed beam halogen headlights. They make a huge difference. The old lights were called: "a candle in the wind" for good reason!

Next on the list is to remove a few leaves from the spring packs. That will lower it about 2" as well. Its a blast to drive, but rides like a 50 year old truck (even with new shocks).

3-1-06 It now has a tail-pipe. The spring poly pads are ordered. When they get here, I will remove a few leaves. New wiper arms/blades are ordered. Beauty rings are ordered. I have a clear in-line fuel filter to put in.

I need to adjust the E-brake to hold a little better. I have put close to 500 miles on it now. Its a lot of fun. Its not quite a daily driver...its an almost every daily driver. My Explorer sits most days now.

I need/want front and rear sway bars. I need to find a set of seat belts (Gray or Black). I will keep after it, but I want to go to the supernationals.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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03-02-2006 01:56 PM still waiting
I am still waiting on the parts to come in. The trim rings are all that are here so far. The parts I need the least!

The truck is my daily driver for now, so its kind of dirty.

Do they look ok?

Update 5-02-06: Still having some health issues. The truck is completely on hold for now. Once school is out I hope my health stabilizes enough to do a little work at a time on it.

It is partially taken apart. Some of the poly spring liners are in. I have a lot of other parts sitting here waiting on me.

(click photo to enlarge)
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