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11-27-2014 07:02 PM Long time no journal entry, pulled hood tonight.
It became clear over time that I needed to pull the motor. It may or may not need a complete rebuild, but it at least needs some going through. The exhaust bolts on the driver's side are either broken or too hard to access. I got maybe 2-3 bolts out of 8 loose.

I recently brought home a nice heavy duty cherry picker/engine hoist. It is a made in the USA Excalibur hoist. It wasn't super cheap, 200 plus tax, but it is much more solid than the harbor freight units. My engine stand is also a nice made in the USA unit. I bought it from a garage that was going out of business. It was a little better deal at 50 dollars.

Until tonight I have not done any work on it since early spring. I put some pics on the what are you working on thread in the lounge. I am not sure when I will get the motor pulled. I need to get some chain and I also need either a plate or a leveler to pull the motor. I might make those. The plate is easy enough with the metal I have on hand, but if I make that I will have to pull the motor and transmission separately. So I am debating with myself what to do. But either way I am making progress.

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06-22-2011 01:31 AM Got it running
Well with the improvised gas tank I now have the caddy running. It idles ok, well at least it idles somewhat normal. Still need to dial in the idle speed and mixture. It runs better a bit off idle, but at least now the throttle isn't sticking.

But I can't do that till after I fix the leaks up top. It is leaking near one mounting bolt and up front. I am going to replace the hardline, as the nut portion is rounded, and tighten the big filter nut or whatever it is called. I am going to pull it all off and seal the threads. I am going to replace the mounting gasket and use a sealer around that as well.

Need to do all of that before I can start tuning the carb. If I can't get it sealed up I am going to replace the carb. Either with a more modern quadrajet or a 750 or so holley. Whatever I can find that fits my budget.

I know I need to get more pictures up, maybe later after I get some rest.

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12-31-2010 07:17 PM Misc small stuff
In the last week or so I pulled the driver's window glass and part of the mechanism, pulled off the inner door panel on that side, cleaned up the air cleaner housing, and measured the seats for possible replacement.

Have lots of new pictures on my phone. The car now resides in a basement garage so I no longer have to worry about that window letting in all the rain even when I try to seal it up. Will add some pictures later. Maybe next year.

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10-29-2009 04:09 PM 1968 Cadillac Sedan Deville
I got this car home last Saturday. It is in pretty decent shape aside from the interior.

The body is pretty solid, 3 dents and a few dings, but no rust through that I have found so far. But I have not been all the way under nor have a I pulled the carpet. I did pull the trunk mats, they were wet and there was some flaky rust there, but no holes. The doors sound like doors should, solid and straight. Maybe some issues on the drivers door. It is pretty dirty with some form of gunk on the outside. I have cleaned about 1/2 of one side as you can see below. My plans for the body is most likely smoothing out the rough spots and dents, maybe removal of the side trim, satin black paint, and possibly some basic flames.

I am somewhat concerned about the electrical system. I will be working on that once I get a battery. It also needs at least two tires and a spare wheel. I will be doing extensive work on the interior.

The engine fluids all looked ok, but it is still unknown. I don't see any major signs of trouble, but you never know. It has the high compression 472 under the hood. If I had the money I would get a blower set up, but most likely I will just tune it up and forget it.

I can't say when I will have it going, since I don't have a garage I am the mercy of the weather. But I hope maybe by thanksgiving. My goal is to have it done by my birthday in april. I don't plan a frame off or anything that extensive, just a low buck cruiser.

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