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09-03-2007 01:41 PM 32 Ford cabriolet conversion/windshield
One pic shows the the main header tacked it to be able to start making the corner pieces. I did not have the stock 32 windshield hinges and don't know what a cabriolet used. So, I used the Dodge long sheetmetal hinge after I cut it down. It acts like a piano hinge, but does not have the million joints. This is the main header in place to be able to start building the corners and tops of the 5 window posts.

Because I did not have 32 windshield hinges and don't know what 32 cabriolets used, I chose to use the Dodge long sheet metal hinge that I cut down and tacked to the top of the W/S frame. It leaves a 1/4" space to match the 1/4" reveal lines around the rest of the winshield opening. I think it looks OK.

Last pic shows the one corner finish welded in. Took tons of time to bend up & fit that small part. I was pretty happy to remember to run a 1/4" brake line inside the drivers post to run vacuum wipers or feed a wire through it for electric wipers..... but I just nicked it with the mig so I need to run a new one before I box in the back of the post.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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09-03-2007 01:29 PM 32 Ford cabriolet conversion/windshield
I picked up a 4x8 sheet of 18 gauge and tried to design a header above the winshield. I was trying to work around the wiper motor running through the windshield frame itself. That prevented me from coming up with a header that had enough height to be strong. I finally realized it would work if I put the wiper motor through the header ABOVE the frame.

I just started using a Tennsmith 4' brake I bought used. There are only so many bends you can do on one piece of metal before you get to a dead end. I decided the header had to have a seperate back cover welded later. I was not able to get a 90* bend on the last bend, so I cut off that long sheet about 3/8" after that 45* bend, and then bent it by hand to a 90*.

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-30-2007 11:17 AM 32 Ford
I suppose everyone wonders why I just didn't get a 32 Ford winshield frame built to custom specs? Well, it would be a miracle if that could be done on a mailorder basis and then fit good, plus I need to use the build money for things I need more. I'd guess a frame would be $500. I did have to chop the Dodge frame down a lot. I did hold the top part up while my son & I looked at the height. He wanted a big chop, and I wanted it a little less. We made marks on the side, and chopped the tops off. But when I put the frame together and put it in, it looked too tall. So, I figured an inch more would be good, but it really makes it look hammered now.

EDIT; Sorry about the big pics, I'll resize the following ones that I post.

I picked up a 4x8 sheet of 18 gauge yesterday, so I will build a new header.

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08-30-2007 11:07 AM 32 Ford
It takes many tiny adjustment bends with a torch to get the sides to follow the posts. I soon realized that the 2 posts were different angles, due to either a poor chop, or accident damage. I still wonder if this coupe was rolled. I made a cardboard pattern of the inside corners then decided to bend the drivers side post, which required notching. Then I was able to do the finish tweaking to the winshield frame.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-30-2007 10:58 AM 32 Ford
When I first got the car, I thought I would try to save the original coupe windshield header. Something about a stock 32 cabriolet winshield shape & header does not look right to me. I cut out the 2 curved areas on the top of the header and started to piece it in as a 90* corner. It still looked too strange due to the slightly curved top header. I ended up cutting the header off and started to make a windshield frame from a '28 Dodge truck. The frame needed to be curved more on the bottom, but that brought the sides to an angle.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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