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07-19-2014 02:12 PM Still running strong

  [Entry #7]

08-18-2012 09:35 PM 700r4 still running strong
Well Ive got the lockup working now,if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to use a vacuum SW.from the junk yard,it would of been alot easier to use a kit from tci.The big confusion about lockup wiring is having to deal with normally open and normally closed switch's.I ended up having to put a relay (spdt) between the vac.switch (n.c.) & the pressure sw.(n.o.) to be able to turn on the solenoid valve (n.o.).Ive never worked with relays before,now I understand them alot more.I always knew what they did but not the details.After driving a few months with out lockup I really like having lockup.I also change the governor,Ive been using the gov. that the trans. came with,it wouldn't down shift from 4th to 3th when you romped on the foot feed.I got real lucky, I was at the local pick n pull looking for some lifters from a 2.2 L to retro fit into my gen. 1 engine.I was walking over by the trucks an came across a 700r4 laying on the ground (my favorite kind to find) it still had the speedo drive for a cable an it was for big gears,they have numbers cast on them,the best ones have 41,42,43,44 on them.Then I took the gov. cover off an took out the it looked like mine except the inner weights were thin (light).The inner weights on mine are like 2 sm.plates welded together (heavy).So I took both home,the speedo I didn't really need but its nice to have an extra.The gov.all I did to it was spray it down with some carb.cleaner an install it.Oh yea,don't be like me an forget to put a drain pan down to catch about 3qts. of atf that pours out real fast,like pouring milk out of a 1 gal. jug.What should of taken about 10 Min's. took an hour.Well any how the gov. w/lighter inner weights made probably the biggest difference in the performance of the trans.Even better than having the lockup working.First is normal,second stays engaged alittle longer,third stay engaged alot longer,almost to the point I have to let off the gas to make it shift but not quite.Then when it shifts into forth its at a higher rpm.Pretty dam cool for next to nothing.I should go back out their an take a longer look at that 700r4.Their rules are if your not buying the whole trans then any part off a 40.00.I knew that,but I didn't pay 80.00 for a used gov.& speedo.Shame on me...........

  [Entry #6]

04-17-2012 07:30 AM Still working & runs strong
Ive got 350 miles on the 700r4 now and its still alive.The only thing Im kinda despointed in is the torque convertor does not kick in as hard as I would like.Its a cheap one,one of PATC lower modles.I though it would a real kick in the pants when I got it up to 2500 rpms,thats where it stalls at.Its sorta like a stock torque convertor.Also the thing weights about 45 lbs.But paying 600.00 + for a better one is out of the question.One thing I notice is that I get up to speed quicker.

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03-06-2012 09:00 PM 700r4 done
Well I got it back into my Camaro,took it out for a test ride every was going great until one fo my cooler lines can off.Squrited out about 4 qts. of atf before I got it home.Shoaked my headers pretty good,lots of smoke.Fixed that went out for another drive and Im impressed,It works well.It droped my rpms at 70mph to 2200rpms. So far I got 160 miles on it and I hammered it once took it up to 110mph and burned some rubber a few times and it still alive an kicking.It doesnt have a harsh down shift but it is fast when down shifting,no flaring between gear shifts.As of now I dont think Ill do anything more to it.Im digging it..........

  [Entry #4]

12-30-2011 07:12 AM 700r4
I'm getting ready to pull out my th350 & put in this 700 is just rebuilt. I've have 3.42s in the rear and when going 70 MPH it running at 3000 rpms. It just bugs the **** out of me listening to my engine turning that much. So the 700 should help alot.This was my first auto trans rebuild it was frustrating because of things I forgot to do such as when I was ready to put the pump on I bolted it on then I remembered that the torrington bearing was facing silver side up.Took it off and flipped the bearing around & put in a thicker shim to help tighten up the end play. Bolted down the pump again then I saw the band laying on the bench. I had to walk away from it for awhile to catch my breath from yelling at my self. So it was 3 pump installs. And air checking the pistons was a ***** because one of the books I was using says check for air leaks.Well they all leak air from one spot or another.The little plugs with balls or they vent to other places, but they all were moving.And the snap rings, taking them off & putting them back on because I wanted to know where that air leak was coming from.This was one trans that I fell like I rebuilt 3 times.

  [Entry #3]

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