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12-02-2006 07:54 PM First week of December
Not even 10 days into December, and some serious progress is being made.

After sandblasting the bottom of the car and the firewall, and welding in supports for the 25gal Bronco gas tank,the car was spirited away to a to another person to spray on the bedliner material that so many are putting in their pick-up beds. The entire undercarriage and the interior floors were sprayed, along with the 'smuggler's area' behind the cab. The car was sanded and reprimed. Real paint is getting closer.

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12-02-2006 07:21 PM Thanksgiving 2003
Gonna fast forward to Nov. 24.

By Sept. 6 the car had moved to another shop to finish what the OTHER guy was SUPPOSED to do. However the car had to get in line, and still had to wait nearly two months before work could recommence. The men at the new shop were in the process of doing a 58 Chev Apache, 72 Blazer, 68 Dodge Coronet, plus all the work that comes in on a regular basis. Not once was my car pushed outside to make room for something else. These men cleared a spot in the corner of their shop and covered the car until they could get to it. By the first couple of weeks in November, they had started.

The floor pan on the driver's side was the second project for them. They started with the back of the cab and the window opening first. No pic of that on this pc---will post them later when I get back home. After locating bolts and screws for the doors, they checked them for fit and bad hinges---had to replace one lower hinge. One of the owners of the shop gave me a die grinder to make the first cut on the back of the cab. First step to getting the back window, and the front bed rail mouldings to fit. After that was done (more on that later with pics), one of the workers cut out and replaced the pisspoor floor job of the previous shop. Also welded the parking cable guide on the new floorpan after I had located another in good shape.

After this was done, Roger (one of the owners), gave me a quick lesson in sandblasting. As he is getting older and has no desire to crawl under a car to blast, had me spend an afternoon blasting the bottom and the firewall of the car.

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12-02-2006 06:53 PM End of June 2003
Here it is, the end of June and no positive progress is being made. He has done minor bodywork and put most of the car in primer before finishing what he was SUPPOSED to be doing this whole time.

He was supposed to weld in new floor pans, the panel over the axel, back of the cab panel, clean and paint the bottom of the car, and weld up a couple of holes in the firewall+clean and paint.

The rear of the cab was welded in too high You can see daylight between the floor and the cab panel in the first pic. In the second pic, it is obvious that the rearmost panel has not been replaced. All panels were supplied to him in January.

These would be the last pics of the car til August 31, the day I snapped, went to the body shop and took the car. After being told all repairs would be done by next weekend, for two months, it was time to retrieve the car and go home.

By August 31, SFB body shop did manage to get the rearmost floor panel installed. They also managed to lose some important bed floor supports and bracing, all of my door hinge bolts & screws (only on 59-60 chev) & the parking brake cable guide (that was to welded to the driver's floor pan). By this date, they had not yet managed to paint the bottom of the car, or properly repair and paint the firewall. Holes were welded but not finished, the firewall did get SOME primer over the repairs.

Pics taken on Aug 31 will be shown later, as they are not on the pc I am working on at this moment.

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08-20-2006 02:22 PM Losing paitience
Here it is--The first of May and after the manager of the body shop started to explain to me how much work was involved in removing all the rust prior to any body work & the major cost involved,I told him to stop all work and I would have someone pick up the car and transport to Corpus Christy for a body dip. A week later, the day before the car was to be rescued by the
business in Corpus, I stopped by the SFB shop to make sure the car was ready to go.Imagine my surprise when I saw that they had gone ahead and started body work, when he was
explicitly told to stop. Had to call the other business and cancel.

Also got a look at the bottom of the car, and saw that the driver floor was butchered and welded in too low (when mounted to frame, floor to frame contact was immenent), and I have no idea why that big hole had to be cut out, just to have a patch welded over it. All of the floor panels were previously riveted in place before the car was taken to the shop. In January he was commisioned to replace the floors, clean and paint the bottom of the car, and paint the firewall. This was so that I could place the body back onto the frame I had just finished working on. As you can see in the second pic, 4-1/2 months later he had still not finished this-The floors on the bottom had not been welded yet AND, the panels in the before the axle, were NEVER welded to the floor supports, there is a 3/4" gap between the support and the floor! This led to other issues I did not discover until I brought the car home.

Here it is---June 1 The car had not been work on hardly at all, At this point he has been paid over 5,000, and has not shown me crapola. He was paid up front as my work schedule had
kept me on the road way too much. And I had never lived in a city that had such unscrupulous business people. He had claimed that his guy had taken a vacation to Mexico and that I would have to wait until his return before any more work was done on the car. I called BS!!
I did not pay his guy--I paid the owner of the business and I told him it was his responsibility to finish the work and return the car to me ASAP. Particularly after he started something that he was NOT to do.

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08-01-2006 06:47 PM More Floors
After the SFB manager assured me that the necessary repairs would be made, they went ahead and did some blasting on the quarters and roof(they were NOT supposed to do that.
But I did find out just how little rust this car had.
These guys also decided it was in my best interest to blast the paint away and leave the car out in the rain (as is evidenced by water lines in the rear floor panel.
The bed underflooring was removed and replaced (eventually) to repair an area where the rear end upper control arm came thru the floor. You should see the welding on the original frame, WILD.
The upper arm came thru the floor and all the way around to the crosmember just over the differential. I'll get a pic of that soon.
These bozos also removed the rear package shelf and had one made--incorrectly too. That ended up being repaired AFTER the paint was done (by another shop).

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