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12-05-2009 12:52 PM 1988 Suburban, the project continues.
This pic should really have been preceded by a video clip of the Suburban pulling the truck out of the spot is sunk into the ground, and especially of the pulling across the grass.

For an open rearend, the Suburban really puts power to the ground quite evenly and quite well with the standard transmission in it now.

The "ruts" were mainly from it having rained here for a day and a half and the clay content of the dirt here making nearly everything difficult with how slick it gets, it's even difficult to walk on in places here on the property. The tracks are a result of hooking to the truck and pulling it backwards after we pulled it up the sloped driveway and then letting it coast back down to better line it up for the garage and out of it's former resting spot so I can work on it better, this was to get it both lined up better to work on it, and to get it out of the way of the loop driveway as well.

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  [Entry #71]

12-02-2009 07:08 PM 1988 Suburban, the project continues.
Photo 1 shows the newly fabricated nylon replacement line I used to replace the original plastic tubing for the PCV vacuum connection I broke.

Photo 2 shows the entire job is finally DONE and this part of the project is finally finished, and I didn't happen to break any other things along the way.

Photo 3 shows the Suburban after I took it for a test drive, I didn't intend on doing it, I had originally only wanted to take it around the loop driveway a few times and park it- but- well- that really didn't happen.

I took it for a test drive up the road and should have left the cell phone with the boys and had them take a movie of it firing up and me taking off. Oh well- it was fun to drive, and when I got back I told the boys to hop in and we went into town and gave the Suburban a $20 drink, the first time it has moved under it's own power in over 3 and a half years. It has spent too much time just sitting around keeping the other two trucks on either side it company for much too long. The truck I described in the beginning of my journal that my sister in law had, is the one I am installing the snow plow for my next task. I had better hurry up as the local news is calling for snow for most of the next 5 days.

Now to get a chance to change the windshield, work on the transmission hump and a little body work so it will pass inspection and get the registration and insurance, and it will be fun to legally drive.

Oh yeah, the speedometer didn't work, I need to jack it up and find out why, everything is together, and everything was tightened, I just need to see whats wrong and fix it.

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  [Entry #70]

12-02-2009 06:53 PM 1988 Suburban, the project continues.
Photo 1 shows the broken end of the PCV tube still protruding from the valve cover grommet.

Photo 2 shows the nylon tubing I intend to replace the broken tubing with alongside the broken end after fighting with it for a few minutes to get it out of the grommet while keeping the grommet in useable condition and not losing the broken piece into the valve cover.

Photo 3 shows the end of the nylon tubing resized slightly larger with a barb at the end, and another smaller piece of tubing fitted to the outside of the main part of the tubing and melted in place to keep the tubing from falling into the space inside the valve cover.

(click photo to enlarge)

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  [Entry #69]

12-02-2009 06:44 PM 1988 Suburban, the project continues.
Photo 1 shows after the fuel line is installed at the TBI end of things, and everything is ready to be put back together and be done with this portion of the job.
Notice the 45 degree upward bend that I put into the line is gone, it just plain fit much better this way. Also notice that nice vacuum line going from the top of the pic toward the right, it connects the air cleaner housing spacer to the PCV tube leading from the driver side valve cover. After fixing the locating tabs inside the adapter things didn't line up the same as before, and I overdid the force needed to attempt to re-connect this tube to the spacer.
YAY ME, fix one thing break another, and I'm trying to make this a low buck project.

Photo 2 shows that I don't have a spare piece of plastic tubing like I just broke the off of, but I DO have some clear nylon tubing in a slightly smaller diameter that I CAN manipulate into a piece that I can use, and here is after careful application of heat to the sidewall of the tubing and careful bending to put a curve in the tubing to make it look a little more professional. This worked GREAT, but the ends didn't have barbs like the original piece- time for some more innovative thought process to make it work for free. I don't have a vehicle to take into town to try and get anything that I really didn't want to spend any money on to fix this little problem, and after texting the wife at work and sweet talking her into stopping at the parts store IF I needed some hose to repair the old piece, and having been told to call ahead to have them get a whole entire foot of hose ready for my wife to pick up after work sounded silly. I sent her another message telling her I would update her if I needed it or not I had an idea.
This was going to work if it takes me all day.

Photo 3 shows how I ended up re-sizing the ends to fit my needs, and after a short burst of heat from the torch and a little force on to a socket mounted to a tapered bar which was also used to stretch open the ends slightly, I only had to heat the ends a little bit and press them against a hard smooth surface to get e slight barb to form on the very end.

(click photo to enlarge)

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  [Entry #68]

12-02-2009 06:16 PM 1988 Suburban, the project continues.
Photo 1 shows the original fuel line and the piece I now intend on using.

Photo 2 shows another view of the slight differences between the fuel lines.

Photo 3 shows after all bends were made for "proper" fitment on the engine with the TBI raised up by the phenolic TBI spacer, it doesn't show however- I had to UNDO this nice little 45 degree upward bend. I was using a spare TBI injector pod to compare the new and old lines with, but since I wasn't using the original I ended up going down past the firewall in a much straighter and open area.

(click photo to enlarge)

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