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11-09-2019 09:38 AM My chevy 334 build
This 334 is a 30 over Vortec 305 chev destined to replace the tried and true but tired 305 that is currently in my 88 S-10

This was going to be a 310 build but lately i've been kicking around the idea of stroking this to 334 as i have a spare 3.75 inch eagle crank on hand.
I want to keep the 5.7 inch rods and mill down a set of speed pro 534cp flat tops to complete the reciprocating part of the assembly, probably gonna mill a dish in there too.
Cam is a roller, GM factory roller that i had reground to 217 by 227 at 0.050 with .450, .460 lift LCA is 112

Head choices are TBI 187s, Vortec 059s and ZZ4 113s all 58cc chambers.
The 187 swirl-ports are ready to go and will easily out flow the other two heads so im gonna go with those till i can get the ZZ4s ported out and prepped and then ill bolt those on.

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09-08-2012 03:00 AM JEEP 4.0 stroker for my 83 CJ7
Objective: build a 4.5 liter jeep 6 by combining crank and rods from a 4.2 with the block and head from a 4.0

So far i've collected up (4) some 4.0 and 4.2 jeep engines and the plan is to mix and match parts till i get a 4.5 litre stump puller. might build several and sell a few if all go's well

Cam and lifters on hand is a lunati grind 216 @ 0.050

July 4/20 update; I now have a striped and cleaned near mint 2000 wrangler 4.0 block on engine stand ready for 4.2 crank/rods and reassemble. Bore are nice no skoring and almost full factory croshach still remaining.
The motor also came with a (bonus!) near new aftermarket 0331 casting replacement head which i will probably use.

i striped my collection of 4.0's & 4.2's, i had eventually collected 3 of each, 6 engines, the 4.2 cranks and rods are all serviceable, 1 crank is a standard 4 counterweight unit from a high mile 1990 YJ. 1 is a M/0.010" - R/0.030" heavy 8 counterweight unit from a 1980 CJ and 1 is a M/0.010" - R/0.010" 4 counterweight unit from an other 1990 YJ.
The 2 1990 blocks had #357 rods while the 1980 block had #707 rods, supposedly the 707 rods are stronger, i closely examine them and although the 707 rods have more material in the big end the 357 rods appear to have slightly heavier beams, so its a toss up the way i see it as it looks like AMC thought it a good idea to move material into the beam ?

I need i to decide if i should go heavy crank or not as well as 357 or 707 rods?

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09-08-2012 02:20 AM My 1986 Malibu Skier engine.
Basically a TBI 350 that needs to be fuel efficient with a target top speed of 100 Kph / 62 Mph,

I also have 3 different pitch props on hand.

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