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jamieson 12-17-2018 07:39 PM

Looking for advice while putting Jaguar supercharged v8 /trans / etc into a Model T
I have a 1915 Model T in rough shape.
I have a 2000 Jaguar XJR (4.0 supercharged, ~380hp/tq).

I will be outfitting the Model T with the engine, trans, rear suspension, fuel system, etc (I'll hide all of the modern wiring/gauges/etc.). I know the standard SBC or 351w is simpler and more popular but that isn't what I want to build. My last project was a '59 F250 with Crown Vic drivetrain/frame/suspension but I want something more challenging now.

I'm basically going to make my own Model T frame and transfer all of the electronics / suspension / and drive train over to it, leaving the Jaguar as just a metal skeleton.

I'm sure some of you have attempted this in the past. I know the anti-theft system, and various other electronics will be a nightmare to work around. Does anyone have any tips before I dive in?

Are there components that seem disposable but are required for the car to run normally (e.g. radio / gauge cluster)?
If I don't use the front suspension, the ABS will be disconnected. Will this do anything besides turn on the ABS light? Can I just re-plumb the brakes to delete the ABS system entirely?
If I remove the air bags and collision detectors, will the car still run normally?

OneMoreTime 12-18-2018 02:39 AM

I think saving the Jag electronics would be a nightmare myself. I would go with a Megasquirt system aftermarket setup and eliminate all the stock computers. As far as brakes just a simple master cylinder setup will be fine. You will not have the ABS so you will need to educate your brake foot like we did in the early days.

Good luck

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