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3 high rise steel workers were having lunch up on a 10 story beam.
The mexican opens his bag and goes"Ah Chingassa, burrito's again, juan mo time and I'm gonna jump"
The Italian opens his bag and says,"Mama mia, pasta again, If I gotta eat dis again, I'ma gonna jump"
The blond jock opens his bag and says"Bogus dude, Peanut Butter and Jelly. If I gotta eat this again, I'm gonna jump"
Next day the three sit down on the same 10 story beam for lunch. The Mexican opens his lunch, crys out load, and jumps, leaving the burrito. The Italian opens his, crys out load and jumps, leaving the pasta. The blond guy opens his, crys out load and jumps, leaving the PB&J. They all die.

At the mutliple funeral, the three wives are sitting in the front row by the caskets. The Mexican lady is wailing. "If I only knew, I would have never made him another burrito. I killed him. I am responcible! The Italian lady is in the same state of affairs."Mama mia, if I only knew. I no make pasta again never for my man. Holy mother, I have killed a wonderful man. The brunette local lady, wife of the blond, just sat, checking her watch getting bored.
The other two ladies couldn't believe it. "How could you be so cold? How can you not grieve for your man?"
"Simple"' she said, "He always made his own lunch. :p
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