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Thanks a million kenseth17!!That helps alot.

Let's say that I used all of the techniques that you reccomened,and possibly went with 2 coats of basecoat.Would I have to worry much about fading?That's what I'm worried about.I want something that will last,but I guess that this is just a risk that you take when doing it yourself.But,maybe if I make a good choice of paints and supplies,and take good care of the paint,it should last for a long time without any problems.

Even though my Ranger was made around those few years that paint peeling was a big problem here in the United States,I have no paint flaking off my truck.My only problem is just a faded,oxidated factory paint job.There are also a few minor dents,but they're not going to be a big deal.If it would've been taken care of,it would still look new,but we can't pick or choose what we get.Another thing that I don't like about it is the lady that owned it before me accidentally sideswiped a parking post with the right rear fender and she took it to a body shop.They fixed the dent and repainted the fender.It has a fresh,bright red color and shiny clearcoat,while all of the other is dull and oxidized.Check out my photo gallery.There is a picture of my truck right after I finished waxing and washing it.It looked good for a month or so,then it went dull again.Notice that brighter rear fender.

Whatever I do,I want it to come out the best as possible.I'm not going to go through all the trouble to do the body work and then take it to Maaco or some similar auto-body joint just to spray some paint and clear on it.This will give my uncle and me a good project to work on here in the next year or so.If I do paint it,I'm waiting 'till the spring.The humidity is much too high right now and during the summer,so the spring-time is perfect painting time here in my area.

Thanks again and keep the ideas coming!


Originally posted by kenseth17
If you go to my website. the car on the front page was painted at home.
I saw that car.Nice job.How long did it stay looking that good after you painted it,or do you know?


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