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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
You know what's funny, we remember things for some unknown reason. One thing we do, next thing we don't. I know two different things I do working on cars that were taught to me by HORRIBLE co-workers. One of them got fired after he did some seriously dangersous hack work that I had to redo after he was fired. The other was by a guy who was an amazing tech, just a FLAMING JERK who when he walked around the shop asking people "Do you want me to leave" everyone said yes. LOL I have taught these things to others and every time I give the credit to the guys who taught me, without telling the them the bad stuff the guy also did.

The big thing is to pass it on for others, if we remember, cool, if we don't, it's not the end of the world.

I can remember walking into a small shop at 14 and asking if they needed help after school. He said go wash that car "kid" and told me the shop bucket and hose were against the wall. 2 minutes later he running back over "Hey kid, I can't have you wetting and washing the whole damn shop. Like this, from the top down. " A couple weeks later "Hey kid, what are you doing? This is how you tri-fold paper to color sand and then you wheel it like this." A couple months later "Hey kid, no cars to wash or buff today, take this grinder and grind the circled spots, sand, and then mix and put this stuff on like this and wait." 20 minutes later "Hey kid, That **** never dried. Grab some rags, thinners and a putty knife it comes off like this." By the end of the afternoon I had a handle on it. The next day I show up after school, walk in and I really thought I was somebody I got a new nickname and a raise. For a couple months all I heard was "hey kid" and "like this" and from that day forward that *^%$%%* called me "THE DING KING" ROFLMAO
He was hard on me, but I loved every minute of it. His name was George same as mine. Great guy and a great teacher. I learned alot from him in a short amount of time.

Oh the hack jobs, I worked in a shop where we were a re-inspect and re-repair facility for 2 major insurance co's. I got most of them along with the frame swaps. I can't say I've seen everything but had seen some cars welded together with some serious twists and wadded up rails in them down to cradles and control arms with the holes gaped open with a die grinder trying to gain on the alignment specs. Some of the mangled cars came out of some pretty well respected shops in town. Some totaled on the re-inspect, some fixed. The one I worked at wasn't winning any popularity contests amongst the other shop owners in town and actually hosted all the I-car training for the area.

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