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$5 one man bleeder.

Spray down all 4 bleeders with Liquid wrench or other penetrating lubricant.

Grab a plastic 16 or 20 oz soda bottle

Get 10 feet of clear 3/16 hose Cut to 5 feet.

Drill a 1/4 hole into the cap

Fill the bottle with 1" of brake fluid.

Slide the hose into the cap a inch then screw on the cap

Push the hose all the way to the bottom of the bottle

Put the bottom of the bottle above the caliper/cylinder and zip tie it or wedge stuff around it so it stays upright.

Using a socket brake the bleeders free then tighten snug.

Push the other end of the hose over the bleeder screw and loosen 1/4 turn using a wrench.

Walk up to the front of the car, top off the reservoir, then pump the brakes 5 or 6 times.

The lines completely empty or just changing calipers once the air is out of the clear line and it is full of fluid your good to go.

All the air is raised up to the bottle and it can not do anything but pull fluid back in as long as the hose is submerged and bottle is above the bleeder.

Tighten the bleeder screw then put a rag under the hose and have one of your brake fluid containers there to catch the fluid in the hose then move onto the next bleeder.

I can bleed a entire car in under 10 minutes by myself. Doing all the steps above.

Check the car to ensure those dang banjo fittings are sealing proper(some times the machining is poor and surfaces not true). Check any connections or other unions for leaks. Then reverse brake a few times gently before taking the thing for a drive and do some light then hard stopping and recheck for leaks.

When your done cap the end of the hose and throw your bleeder into a corner for next time or just use the other 5 feet that you had left over to make another one next time.
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