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Originally Posted by ericnova72 View Post
Similar to you, '71-73Chevelle and 70-73 Camaro, especially the RS version...but I also really like the '68-69 Camaro RS front end treatment, the headlight doors....I pretty much like any car with them...Ford, Mercury, Chevy, Buick, Pontiac....even the big full size cars that had it like the '68-69 Caprice, '68-70 Ford Galaxie, '70-71 Plymouth Fury III.
I love the inverse cove and taillight shape of the '67-68 Mustang, very stylish(and the Shelby sequential tail lights), the headlight doors on the Cougars, '70-71 Torino
'70-71 Torino is an all around great looking car.
'68-70 AMX/Javelin are really showing today how great and timeless their design was.
I love anything fastback...Torino, Galaxie, Mustang, Dodge Charger '66-67, ANC Marlin, '68 Impala sorta-fastback, '68-69 Barracuda....In my opinion Chevrolet really missed the boat on no having a serious fastback option on either the Chevy II(look up the Bill Thomas Fastback to see what I mean) for '63-65, '66-67 Nova, and for the '67- 69 Camaro or the '66-67 Chevelle.
If there is a fastback version of something, it automatically slays the coupe version of the same car IMO.

I also love the 71-73 Mustang fastback "flatroof", the one the Ford guys often don't care much for. Mustang fastback = cool, coupe = yuck.

'70-73 Firebird/TA/Formula is also a favorite, great looking front end sister to the RS Camaro.
'73-74 Chevelle Laguna S-3 are super cool(with there were more of those)….even the '75-76 version is growing on me., as are '73-74 Lemans and Grand Am, and the '77 Can Am(wish there were more of these, so cool).

A lot of the 1970-1980 Australian stuff is really cool too, you can spot the design similarity of thought for each make compared to US cars, and there are some awesome shapes over there.
Stacked headlights churn my nads no matter what they are on. Four headlights always look better than two. Convertibles I just say I'll pass but I like some post coupes as opposed to hardtops. For me, some front ends can do hidden headlights but some just look like cave fish that way. Not trying to be wishy-washy but same with fastback models. I'm with most of your Ford thoughts but this is all about GM.

My concept in it's purest form is "the ultimate" (in looks and strength) 68-72 A-body. But for B and X bodies it is also an interesting train of thought. F bodies only represent two brands and I'd like to see elements or obvious influences from all four. On one ride. The earlier eras are equally valid for applying that concept.

Could a 70-2 Monte look better with Cutlass Supreme quarters, same years? Could a Judge look better with 68-9 Chevelle quarters? What if you plopped a 64 Impala roof onto 54 Chevy? Would the tunneled rear window from 66-7s look good on anything 70-2? How does a Chevelle look with a 442 hood with the nose smoothed out?

It goes on and on, and its bigger than my imagination. So I am looking to whittle out some potentially popular things to try via photo surgery. Because there are them who only want the expected, repeated well... but then theres the rest of us who like no rules.

We might hit on something cool, but not if we don't think about it. When I think about it more, I stonewall on which brand I want for the engine. So its best to just assume LS swap for the sake of this conversation.
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