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My land is semi-rural. I live in the township. My kids wanted a fire pit, we Can still have open fires in the township, so I dug a pit and lined it with cut off logs for seats. My neighbor bought a movable barn, about the size of a one car garage and sets it 4ft off the property line next to my fire pit. We have some really big fires, lots of trees on my land and lots of limbs to throw in the fire. Her barn starts smoking and I do mean smoking. I hosed down the back of the barn and stopped building up the fire. Next day she's out there looking at the back of her barn, its kind of BROWN and says what am I going to do about it. I said I thought that barn was kind of close to my fire pit but I though she knew what she was doing but I'd suggest she move that barn before it burned down, doesn't seem like a very good place to set it right next to my fire pit. She moved the barn and I still use my fire pit. She had the Sheriff out first and he asked her why she set up her barn right next to my fire pit then she moved her barn.

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