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Hippie 08-14-2005 03:24 PM

Never ask "What else can go wrong?"
This has been a year of one minor auto repair (under $300) after another at our house and then the engine in our '99 Alero had to be replaced a couple weeks ago. NOT so minor. I had to drive my Monte for a week and a half while the Olds was in the shop and at 50 miles a day and 13 MPG that hurt. Got the Olds back and parked the Monte until today. I pulled it out, did some of the repairs I had been putting off on the interior and shined it all up. I scrubbed the vinyl roof and had it looking as good as it has since buying it in February. I decided to run to the next town and halfway there passed a mini van that couldn't decide what speed it wanted to go. It felt kind of sluggish when I got alongside but then came out of it. I parked it and went into the store, when I came out I backed out of my parking spot and put it in drive and it revved up and barely started moving. :eek: Finally it started rolling but was definitely slipping. Got it out on the highway and once in drive it seemed to be OK. When I got home I checked the fluid and it was full but grayish black, about the color of clutch material. :eek: :sweat: :pain: Doesn't smell burnt though. I started it up and pulled it around to the garage and it was OK but I think the damage is done. I have wanted to swap a 200-4R into ever since I got it but with the hit on the budget from the Alero incident it looks like the Monte may be a garage decoration for a few months. :( At least I have a good reason to give the Boss for a new 200-4R though! :thumbup:

WakBordr7387 08-14-2005 03:35 PM

Sorry to hear that hippie, Its never cool when you have problems one after another. I just had my truck go through a few problems that maybe leading up to a big problem. :(


dinger 08-14-2005 04:32 PM

about 8 cans of that Miracle tranny fixer-upper ought to git r done...

Hippie 08-14-2005 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by dinger
about 8 cans of that Miracle tranny fixer-upper ought to git r done...

I got a bad feeling it's already had a "pop top" overhaul.............. IF ya' know what I mean.

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