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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-18-2015 09:56 PM
seven up Amazing the number of new members this thread has generated.
04-18-2015 04:09 AM
novafreek6872 Sweet little camper... I'd use it! (the camper, not the duplicolor paint), but it seems to have done the job OK in this instance
04-13-2015 08:39 PM
37ford4dr just to update....and I know theres guys who hate this paint and think theres better paints for less money and I don't disagree with them. do what ever floats your boat...... heres the 3.5 year update....out side the entire time and it gets turned each season ....this thing gets no waxing and no covering just outside in the sun all day......

and I have no vested interest in this product and I don't work for dupilcolor

October 2011

this was not washed prior to taking the photos
april 2015.....the white you see on the back is from the roofing paint. a home depot product. it does wash off.

05-18-2014 07:06 AM
amandaswebpage I have the same issue! Did you get this resolved with Dupli Color yet? I'll upload photos of the midnight blue (aqua) paint on my car. How does a company sell green paint and call it blue? Unreal!
04-25-2013 09:28 AM
GonzoTx With the proper prep and the proper care I have had ZERO problems with the Dupli-Color Paint shop lacquer. I did a custom job on my Harley,black with blue pearl ghost flames (dry pearl mixed with clear) a year ago and it still looks great ! I may shoot a coat of ureo clear on the tank cuz lacquer and gasoline don't mix but I'm REAL careful when filling up. I know my luck will run out sooner or later and I'll spill some gas,so the ureo is like insurance.
I started painting with lacquer back in '78 so I am comfortable with it but the main reason I tried it on the bike was the lack of a shop at the time.I just hung some sheet plastic in my carport and wet down the dirt. It came out great and with color sanding and buffing had great depth.
Are there better paints out there ? Of coarse,but for ease of use and "fixablity" for noobs and people like me without a booth,its a fine product ! Would I use it again ? I'm using it right now to paint a 6 month old "Street Glide" for a Bro in my club...
04-10-2013 02:04 PM
37ford4dr we did prime it after the rattle can self etching primer and that is included in our total paint cost
04-10-2013 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
Hows that index finger feeling???
II gotta admit looking at that camper through your eyes its a BIG improvement but what everyone else sees is just a spray bombed DIY job,sorry ,I know it was a lot of work.
lets add this up many cans of spray paint did you use and how much did each can cost ??? Be honest...
i seem to add more scars on a some what regular basis....the rattle can was for the self etching primer only maybe 5-6 cans cant really remember. the other was the qt container duplicolor paint shop paint lacquer paint. i think the paint and clear was right around $250. we used an HVLP gun to spray it.

i know there are fans of this paint and those that think its worthless. i just really wanted to show the results after 1 1/2 years. we need to wash it and then get a high resolution camera on it.
04-10-2013 06:14 AM
deadbodyman Hows that index finger feeling???
I got a blob of bondo on my windshield one time and it would come off either, it wasnt sanded or nothing.
You ever try to get overspray off a windshield?
I gotta admit looking at that camper through your eyes its a BIG improvement but what everyone else sees is just a spray bombed DIY job,sorry ,I know it was a lot of work.
lets add this up many cans of spray paint did you use and how much did each can cost ??? Be honest...
04-09-2013 08:04 PM
37ford4dr this project used rattle can self etching primer and the duplicolor paint shop....scuffed the old beat up paint with a scoth brite pad, wiped it down with a degreaser primed it , wiped it down with a tack rag. we never buffed it or color sanded it...

october of 2011


this is from last its been out in the sun exposed for 1.5 yrs i believe the white marks to the right of the rear window are from the roofing paint used up top. its never been buffed waxed or received any wasnt even washed for this photo. we have no failures of adhesion and it still looks very good.

02-25-2013 06:08 PM
Cruiseomatic "Paint is all in your prep work."
That statement is VERY true. I aquierd an old headrack 3 years ago. It was badly rusted and flaking. Wirewheeled the hell out of it and sanded it. Then used the CHEAPEST spray bombs I could find. Name was "Touch N' Tone". After 3 years of abuse and some UV fading from no clear coat or maintence, It is still holding on. No orange peel or nothing. Don't know what it is composed of but it is good if really done right and maintained.
02-27-2012 09:37 AM

Personally the jeep painted yellow,looked great to me,i dont know squat,about duplicolor paint, BUT, i would NEVER buy paint thinned by the paint company. BUT,i have painted many cars with good old fashioned LACQUER paint.its easy to spray,not bad to sand,and buffs out good,AND if you wax it occassionally,it will last,NOW,i realize that the eurathane paints are much better,and lasts a LLLOOONNNGGG time,HOWEVER,they are a B---H to sand flat,in order to buff.....but,LACQUER,,for guys that ARE NOT experts,is very easy to paint,and sand.FOR YEARS the big 3 car companies used NOTHING but LACQUER...time to put this thread to bed....
02-27-2012 09:14 AM
kordax BTW, this is my previous rattle can paint job.

02-27-2012 09:00 AM
kordax Let me just say that I dont have anything against the paint. I have found it great for my specific use (a Jeep CJ7) where I want a nice color but it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect. With that being said, I have been HIGHLY disappointed with the incompetence of Duplicolor. Here how my painting experience has gone with them so far. I began by purchasing two cans of "midnight blue". I had already torn down the Jeep and prepped the fenders, dash and hood. I begin by cracking open one of the cans and start going to town on the fenders and dash. After I got a good 4 coats on the fenders and dash I got to thinking "wow, that is a weird color to call midnight blue. Looks more like aqua to me." Not thinking much more about it I used up the rest of the can on the fenders and dash, also clearing them almost immediately after. It was finally time to start on the hood. I cracked open the second can and start spraying and notice a HUGE difference. This time I was getting a color that was actually what I would call midnight blue. Seeing there was obviously a problem with the first can I sprayed, I went back to Autozone with a photo in hand and explained the screw up by Duplicolor and how they must have mixed up the label on the can with some aqua color. They switched out the empty can for a new can of midnight blue and while I was there I purchased another can of midnight blue because I still had the tub and tailgate to spray. A couple weeks pass until I can spray again and I start on the tub. I crack open the newly switched can and start spraying.....only to find I have another aqua green! Ok, well maybe it was just that can so I crack open the second can I bought when I returned the first defective can and it was also aqua!!!! An this point I had lightly sprayed the Jeep just to make sure it wasn't the original yellow color showing through.....nope, it was aqua yet again! So out of all the cans I got, three were aqua and one was midnight blue. So at this point I had two aqua fenders, an aqua dash, a midnight blue hood and a partially painted aqua tub. This time I recognized the problem and immediately sealed back up the cans and went back to Autozone (with the two aqua color cans and what I had left over from the hood of the actual midnight blue) and showed the people who work there that there is a MAJOR screw up with Duplicolor. We checked the batch numbers on all three cans and they all matched! Now at this point I had already attempted to find an actual phone number for Duplicolor to call them and see if there was a recall on this color because obviously they majorly screwed something up at the factor. Autozone had yet another two cans of midnight blue in stock that I went back and got, came to the front, cracked open to compare to the two aqua cans and these two new cans were actually midnight blue. We looked at all of the labeling and everything indicated that all of the cans on the desk were midnight blue even though they obviously were not. So I have finally gotten 3 cans of Midnight blue and have no telling how much time in to painting this Jeep. Oh, and Duplicolor still hasn't called me back based on the email I sent them explaining my problem (the only way to contact them is via email.) Here are pics of my fenders and tub compared to the hood.

12-10-2011 05:13 PM
ChevyTruckGuy I love the fact that this post was intended to inform but for some reason just keeps pisssing off people!! Funny **** this IS!! I tell you what!!

Couple years back Dupli Color did the Dupli Color Challenge Where they did build off's using there products! Now the Pro paint shops that competed in the show said a lot of the same things I said and there paint job looked pretty dam good!
So from my point of view and my testing in 115 deg weather probably hotter!! Seem to be holding up fine! I'm not a Pro But everything that was told to me has not come true so what should I think??? I did a super duper Job or I got the one can of magic paint Who the heck know! I'm just point out the facts as I see them from my testing!!
Its cheap paint and it works so what!!!! DO you real think anyone in there right mind is going to paint there show car with this stuff Really?? Really?? I guess if your a chepo then I could see it!!
12-01-2011 12:48 PM
GypsyR Can't believe this one is STILL alive. Way the the heck back I mentioned i was interested in the Duplicolor. Interested enough to risk $20 on a can. Painted my old truck hood with silver on top of glass smooth DP40 gray. Orange peel. I suspected it wouldn't lay real flat being lacquer but it was excessive. NOT being a pro, I will lay at least half the blame on my gun adjustment skills. (GTI millenium). Took the entire can to get good coverage. A small attempt at color sanding shortly showed I'd have to lay a lot more paint (and do a better job of fit) before I could sand it flat. Later bumped into the edge of the hood with a wooden mop handle and knocked a golf ball sized chunk of paint right off. Brittle stuff. The DP40 underneath was undisturbed. In short, I don't like it. I have sprayed silver Duplicolor with the spray bombs and as I suspected it's the same stuff. I've had trouble in the past witht he spray cans attacking the OEM paint like paint remover which is a real drag to fix. Maybe some clear over the hood would have helped but I didn't feel the urge to mess with it anymore. Truck has since been junked anyway.
The local PPG store mixed me up some "touch up" paint like they do for used car lots. I asked them to double the order size. So maybe a pint of solid color acrylic enamel for $36. Reducer and some "hardener" additive I already had. Painted the hood of my other truck with it. Two coats and done. With just a little sanding which I blame solely on my amateur skills. Worth it? Yes. And I still have lots of touch up left. The original paint on this truck is enamel.
I messed with Rustoleum too. It sprays out like the cheap enamel I got from the PPG store. Hardener helps it a lot but Rustoleum says reduce with acetone. I sprayed with Omni reducer and acetone both and couldn't tell any difference. It works. A coat of two-part clear helps a lot. I've seen you can buy enamel clear but I didn't have any handy. It will "chalk" up over time without clear, but so does OEM alkyd and acrylic enamel if you don't keep it waxed. One draw is no metallics, the reason I looked at the Duplicolor.
Oh, and I didn't Rustoleum a car though I don't see why you couldn't , it was this-

I get tickled about people saying the pro painters are all wrong. Do you go to your mechanic who has 30-40 years of experience and tell him chinese repop parts are as good as OEM? Tell the NASA guys how to launch rockets? Geez.
And sure, you can paint without a booth. About everybody has. But you have to not mind al the trash and insects that get in the paint. Or the overspray and paint dust that get all over everything. On small stuff it's no big deal but in my experience painting something as big as a car generates a big freaking cloud of paint. HVLP helps a bit but still...
AS for ISO's, who cares? With ISO's you just need better breathing protection. I like my lungs and not seeing wads of paint come out when I blow my nose. If you are determined not to use quality breathing protection when you paint then you are a damn fool and/or a paint sniffer. And it's common knowlege paint sniffing causes brain damage.
I think a good synopsis of about all you really need to know about Duplicolor could be summarized by just reading Oldred's replies to this thread.
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