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tlm717 11-18-2011 10:03 PM

ProComp 4150 SBC 5.7 rods
I have been reading some posts about all the negative things about the Procomp rods they are scary cheap and I was a little shy of getting them but I went ahead and got them anyway,I checked them out and they were almost perfect in matching weight and size specs I was delighted with the results I istalled them in a 350 with a cast crank and .030 over flat tops with a set of RHS Pro Action 64 cc angle plug iron heads,with a Comp Cams Magnum Bump Stick and 750 Carter Competition AFB setting on a Performer RPM manifold and I have hit well over 5 grand plenty of trips up the 1360 and since put over 60k on this setup and took down yesterday just to see how the guts looked like and everything looked normal oil pan was'nt full of metal sludge or bearing peel off,I have building engines for many years and I won't eight ball anything until I have tried it myself,IMO these are good as any connecting rod for their advertized specs and they are a step above stock rods I did a rockwell test and they test at 32 and that is a good score,Not a bad rod if you dont try to crank above 6k,:-}

1986c10 11-21-2011 01:17 PM

thanks for the info. i have them in an engine i havent fired yet and was a little sceptical after i bought them.

JeffB 11-21-2011 02:31 PM

Pro-Comp has taken a bad rap in the past like other companies until they learn that to stay in the market you have to keep up with quality control ,yes they are an off shore import as most products are anymore and the quality has gotten better over the years with pressure I'm sure from their distributors.Here in the USA if you are a CEO and your company is failing you can leave and get a big bonus,not so in China if you screw up your company there you can face execution :sweat: Funny how things are changing as a large percentage of "import" cars are now made in the USA maybe Pro-Comp is next?

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