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Hcompton, I took your advice, busted out my 60g and 120 flap wheels and knocked more off the edges on my slapper. I polished up the contact side too. I'll still have to change the handle. It is too heavy. What a work out.

I took a piece of 20g AKDQ CR steel and took it through my English wheel (wow its going to be hard using that to make my fender flares). I made some passes on the edges to make some stretched bends and then I made a bulge in the center. Then I took some of my body hammers and beat the bulge in the distort the metal. Next I used my slapper and my heal dolly and comma dolly to reshape the bulge. I got it back to where the English wheel had it.
my real goal was to bring the English wheel stretched bulge out too. Since it was so big I think I needed a larger dolly ro span the whole dent/bulge.

This brings me to my question. When is the slapping method applicable and useful. From the little bit I have tried it fooling around the this test panel it does seem useful when you have an inward bulge. You then need a dolly that spans the whole dent so it can be in contact with the ridge around the bulge. You slap and your slapper must hit both side of the dent's ridge. When you start hearing the TING of metal on metal contact, indicating that your slapping against the dolly, you know that the dent has popped out somewhat if not completely. Conversely, the method could be used on a bulge that pops outward, by simply looking at the panel from the other side (a natter of perspective you could say).

Another question I have is does this really flatten panels? I see I can bring a dent out, but it seems like I'm stretching metal somewhere - maybe the ridge arouns the dent? This stretched metal is going somewhere, so doesn't that mean that in the end you have a slight bubble outward from stretching the metal??

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