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Rip VW 11-09-2017 11:40 AM

Hi ya Pat it looks like you are also making progress on your coupe. Sorry to hear you going under the knife. I had a comple right shoulder replacement last may and it turned out to be a breeze. I overnight in hosp and home. Pain was not nearly what I had expected and if I were to need the other shoulder done I would not hesitate. I will say a prayer for you hope you have a great outcome.

After I pull the trans from the F150 I will be back on the Coupe and make some progress I hope. :cool:

Rip VW 11-28-2017 11:28 AM

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Well Well Well here we are again. I am finally back working on the TCoup deck lid. I have been measuring figuring measuring and fitting. I have the plan firmed up and started about a week ago. First order of business was to make some layout marks on the sheet of steel.

After looking at the measurements and the layout, I made a couple changes and then went for a reality check on the body measurements. I mocked the outer skin in the hole and discovered I did not know the orientation of the hinges. I spent a couple of hours one evening looking at thousands of T Coupe images till I found one with the detail needed. I mocked the hinges and clamped the skin in position. The top of the deck lid up near the rear window area the decklid actually goes up and under the window structure. When the lid is closed it mates up with the inside of the body which has a slight curve to the outside.

The curve outward on the skin is held in place by the inner shell. It is a complicated series of flutes in the shell bent to hold the curve. as I am building a new inner shell I had to figure out how to replicate the function using what I had in the shop. I dug around and found a piece of 1/2" 060 Box tube. I thought I was going to have to use a die to bend the curve in this tube but I found it fairly easy to hand form this part. I filled the tube with dry sand and set down in the coupe facing the rear window and proceeded to bent the tube by hand and I matched the curve inside the body.

The idea is to weld the tube to the hinges thereby making the hinges and this tube one piece. The curve will hold the skin at the right angle and take the place of the flutes in the inner skin. That brings up the inner corner reinforcements which in oem conditions attach to the inner shell and the hinge assembly. It re enforced the inner shell. So I will use these corner pieces and integrate them into the new inner shell. I have not cut the steel down to final size yet for the inner shell but I have it laid out. I am going to work on the hinge assembly today but it is already after 10 am so I should get in at least a couple of hours on the deal.

Just a couple of pictures to entertain you...:cool:

lakeroadster 11-28-2017 12:44 PM

Looking good Mr. Van Winkle.

As a side note my grandfather, who would have been in his mid 90's, once told me that the reason that Model T deck lids are so scarce is that he and his buddies used to scour the salvage yards for them when they were kids.


They made awesome snow sleds.

Wouldn't that be a hoot of a video.. think Our Gang comedy.

Rip VW 11-30-2017 10:28 PM

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I have been working on the upper corner brace/hinge mount .. These are at the part of the deck lid where the inner shell connects these parts together and makes the rear skin curve in the right direction.

Because I am not using the oem shell I need to connect these corners together. So after rebuilding each corner piece, (these 2 brackets were built on 3 different sets a prints originally ha ha) I got the brackets squared up and temporarily clamped in place. Because the oem inner shell was part of this structure and it had 3 dimples in the shell and the center was the highest dimple with the left dimple and right dimple set back about a 1/8". Now if you draw a line left and right and put a small curve in it it will match the curve of the back of the cabin under the window,

The brackets are normally mounted to the skin in the very back as the skin gets a 90 deg bent to make the top seam flat. A long strip with a rubber seal curved to the body is attached to this edge and seals the trunk to cabin gap and keeps weather out.

At this point I think I have fully confused everyone reading this thread. I am going to post a picture of the inner shell and it highlights the "Dimples".

I have a shot of the hinges clamped together with the 1/2" box tube that is arched to take the place of the inner shell and holds the skin where it is supposed to.

Oh there is a shot of the end of the box tube kind of showing the curve it will have.

And finally, Introducing Abby The Shop Inspector

Tomorrow I am going to finish my bead blast cabinet dust collector. I am constructing a cyclone dust catcher for my bead blaster. More on that later..:cool:

Enjoy everyone... Aspirin are available at the ticket booth:pain:

Rip VW 12-05-2017 09:10 PM

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So after a little playing in the shop it is back to business on the new deck lid shell.

I had mocked up the corner pieces and the 1/2 box tubing. I needed to tweak a little here and there and then found I needed to weld the brackets up outside of the lid. I just laid it all out and moved slowly and in the layout process I squared it up and welded the tube onto the corners.

I then cut a 1" wide piece of 18ga and laid it against the square tube between the edges of the corner pieces. This is the area normally filled by the inner shell so I needed to ensure a straight surface between the end pieces.

The last 1 1/2" of the deck lid is bent at a 90 there and that makes a nice flat area to mount the skin to. that area also serves as the mount for a metal strip with weather strip attached. The weatherstrip keeps weather out of the cabin.

This has been a interesting exercise. So far I am very pleased with the way this is coming along. My next step will be to clamp the corners in place and after I get everything aligned I will drill a hole of each end of the brackets and mount them with some 8-32 screws and nuts. I will then take the assembly over to the car and hang the lid on the hinges and make sure things are going to fit correctly.

If I am lucky and things fit I can then bend up the inner shell. I pulled out the sheet of steel for the rest of the inner shell I have laid out and took a good hard reality check so far everything is looking correct. Here are a couple a photos for your consumption..:cool:

John long 12-06-2017 09:31 AM

Rip, you are basically doing what I did and it worked out well. After making the shell, I hung it on the hinges and layed the skin on it, tacked the assembly together and finish welded.

That was before I was on the forum and don't have a lot of pictures but this will give you an idea.

After I made the main panel, I made filler pieces between the skin and shell that overlapped. This allowed me to adjust the outer skin to the shell in order to keep it flush with the body.

In this picture you can see the step where the panels overlapped and allowed me to fine tune it.


Rip VW 12-06-2017 10:02 AM

John, I am so jealous of your metal working abilities! Every time I see your work I grow green with envy..

You make it look so easy. After screwing with the old shell and not getting it done like I wanted I figured this method worked best for my abilities. I am going slow this time and carefully fitting each piece to make sure it fits. I am also doing a reality check every time I tack weld or otherwise secure something. When I worked on the old shell my main problem was getting in too much of a hurry. This time Mellow me is in control!:cool:

John long 12-06-2017 11:33 AM

The mellow you will do just fine. Patience is the key but the challenge to succeed will get you there.

I have noticed you are ADDICTED!!! Forming sheet metal is a lot like the flue. It is highly contagious but after you catch it you feel so good when it is over.

Remember to make each piece it's own challenge and to have fun with it. If it ever quits being fun,the project will wither on the vine. With every piece your skill will improve and you will want to move on to the next piece. :thumbup:


Rip VW 12-06-2017 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by John long (Post 4378762)
The mellow you will do just fine. Patience is the key but the challenge to succeed will get you there.

I have noticed you are ADDICTED!!! Forming sheet metal is a lot like the flue. It is highly contagious but after you catch it you feel so good when it is over.

Remember to make each piece it's own challenge and to have fun with it. If it ever quits being fun,the project will wither on the vine. With every piece your skill will improve and you will want to move on to the next piece. :thumbup:


Thank you sir for your kind words and encouragement, Coming from you it means a lot. Thanks John...:cool:

123pugsy 12-07-2017 04:18 AM

Wise words from John.

I've found it faster to make one slow panel than 3 fast ones. First two in the trash and the third one, not so nice looking because it was rushed trying to play catch up.

Rip VW 03-13-2018 10:30 PM

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Well here it is springtime for some of us but still a deep freeze for others. I got out to the shop today with the expectations to start back on the T Coupe. I was actually successful and made more progress in a couple of hours than I have the last few months.

Before I get to the Coupe details I want to speak about certain people whom seem to be on a life mission to be more of an [email protected]@ than of any help to anyone. These people know who they are and unfortunately they are everywhere we go! I normally let these people blather on about how damn smart they are or totally ignore them. Well about a month or so I got so Pi$$ed off I logged out of this place and stayed completely away from this place a little over 2 weeks.

I was really bothered by the dimwit. Then like a light being switched on I realized I spend way too much time on this damn computer, and that I am taking this thing too damn seriously. I have been letting this thing waste to much of my little time I have left. When I finally turned this computer back on I had accomplished a lot in the down time. It did prove my point.
I went on a bit of attack on the shop. I had way to much crap in there that was just using space I can use for fabrication. 2 truckloads of crap later I can now move about the shop and get to all of my tools without having to run an obstacle course.

I had a dark area in my shop due to lack of light fixtures. I actually needed 4 more fixtures. In a stroke of luck the local big box store was having a clearance sale on 4 foot troffer lights for $15.99 each and they were 4 foot 4 bulb fixtures complete with bulb and connection whip. A smoking deal it was. I convinced my brother to come over and do an install on the fixtures and I now finally have the right amount of light.

So here today I decided to get back on the deck lid and get on with body fitting. I last stopped where I was going to have form the back top of the deck lid skin and it was going to be “Interesting” at the very least. I had measured and marked and measured some more and had the bend line laid out. I watched a ton of video on this weird curve.

So I rigged up a portable adjustable saw roller to rest the skin on while I was tipping the skin. I ran it through a couple of time and got a good bend started. I switch to hammer and dolly and worked the edge farther. Then I went over to the shrinker to relieve the stress. I did this over and over very slowly and the edge formed pretty darn good. I need to finish bending and shrinking it a bit more but ran out of time today. Tomorrow I hope to have the flange completely formed and the hinge reinforcement plates laid out and ready to fit. The last bit will be the inner shell which has already been laid out. I might actually finish this deck lid this year.
Just a few in progress pics.. and a little Garage Art.

John long 03-14-2018 12:02 AM

That looks like real progress to me Rip.

I had noticed you were not around as much lately. It is good to see you both back in the shop as well on the forum.

Most of the time I am really good at not letting myself get sucked into controversies on the forum but sometimes I fall short big time. My intentions are to never reply to someone who does not try to be supportive. If they receive no reaction to their posts they will eventually get bored and move on. As you know, I talk a good game but sometimes I don't contain myself like I should. Work in progress I guess.

Please keep the pictures coming. I know there more here interested in what you are accomplishing than just me.


idrivejunk 03-14-2018 06:20 AM

Good to see you back at it and winning!

Rip VW 03-14-2018 10:29 AM

Thank you very much John and IDJ, Pugsy, Brian and a whole host of the regulars.

I appreciate the support and knowledge I get from all you guys. Yep it is fun to be back building. I really don't know why that jerk got to me as I can pretty much stay calm and unfazed.

Well as I said the jerk did me a favor and got me rolling on a very necessary task to clear up the shop and use some time to study how I needed to do this.

When I finish this deck lid I am going to do another body placement on the frame and get body mounts made. Things should go pretty good from there..

Ok enough time wasting I gotta go bend some metal.

TCoupe 03-15-2018 07:11 AM

Good to see you back at it. Glad your doing better since the last time we talked. Your trunk lid is looking good.

I have not been really working on mine, until lately. I bought a '63 Ford 4000 diesel tractor. I had to pull the head to see how the insides were. Which of course means that I have to paint everything before I can reassemble it, which also means I had to take everything off it, and fix & paint it. You know the typical can of worms deal.

I have been working on my coupe also lately.

My 327 is back from being machined. I just have to pick up the new pistons for it, and reassemble it.

I'll be watching your progress as usual.

I need to pick up some extra lights also. I'm told it's a O.L.D. syndrome type thing. lol

Talk to you later,

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