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Originally Posted by Dfish1247 View Post
Since you're using a qjet, I'd think that's holding you down some. They can take a car into the 10's, but they need some real lovin to do it. So you might see about getting it worked over for your engine specifically. Or ditch it and try a 850dp holley, more people can help you out with those. That's the least invasive thing I can think of, your funky timing thing don't help matters either, but if it runs good, leave it be.

What ET do you think you should be running now vs before?

If you're serious about wanting an aftermarket block, why not look into the best intake ever designed for a tri five big block car or any car truthfully, the belt driven intake. It''ll cost more than an aftermarket block and rotating assembly when all is said and done( forged guts, dish pistons, 4 stud not bolt caps, etc) but you'll have power to spare. You can't tell me the aluminum lung hanging out of the hood isn't sweet. And the only whine men love to hear, quite a few do women as well too.

Above sounds good unless you're broke like me.

Bigger stroke means different oil pan to clear that stroke, I'd make sure something is available for your car before committing to a bigger stroke engine, aftermarket block or not. And you still have to get all of it to work together correctly.

Eric, that carb is gone. You got me by a few seconds,hehe.

My best run before the new heads was 7.77. With the new heads I couldn't hook (the track may have been too hot for my slicks?) and my 60' time went down but add the extra .200 or .300 and I'm at 8.051 my best time with the new heads. Skip seemed as if my 60' was great at 1.95 and asked me if I meant 2.95? No, I've run lower 60' when I could hook, can't find those slips right now. I was hoping to get into the 7.3-7.5 range.

I wasn't thinking an *aftermarket* block, no money in the budget for that. I haven't priced blowers but I think they are out of my range also. ALTHOUGH, my girlfriend finally got to the track with me and when she heard some turbo's and how fast they were she started asking me how much they cost. Sounded like a hint to me, but I don't know where I'd put them. (gotta have twins) I don't think I could cut a hole in my hood for a blower, but a glass one no problem.

That sucks the carb is gone, wish I could have tried it. I do have a Holley 800 double pumper that I could try.
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