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Originally Posted by Northstar T View Post
Both coils in your pic are solid state units, so no points involved there. I'd question your spark tester validity however, as it's so uncommon for these coils to go bad. when they do, it's virtually always the ss portion itself, so there would be no spark at all in that case. these ss units show a visibly smaller spark, compared to what we're used to with a point system, so generally if you can see a spark,... it's good.

I'm gonna try again this afternoon, earlier I had cleaned the rusty mounting surfaces and put some dialectric grease on them, may have been interfering with the ground.

does this thing ever yank the rope out of your hand when you're trying to start it BTW? you had mentioned that the problem started when you "ran out of gas". but are you sure that you hadn't actually stalled the motor by hitting a rock/stump/squirrel/etc???? if you answer either question in the affirmative, then you need to take a good look at your flywheel key. if it's very slightly tweaked, that can also cause your symptoms of surge, hard start, etc.

It has kicked back before, I can check the key...

If the flywheel key is ok, then the surge is likely caused by a lean condition, which can be caused by several things on that carb.
With air filter removed, do you see a spray of fuel when you pump the primer?

Good spray, but sometimes the bulb will collapse and not return to form like something is clogging a passage. It's good 95% of the time.

if you cleaned the carb with some type of carb cleaner, then a good place to start is to replace the diaphram and gasket between the carb and tank. that diaphragm pumps fuel up into the reservoir in the upper tank, where the engine actually draws it's fuel from. at the same time, also check the screen on the end of the pickup tube for debris.

I always clean that whenever it's apart. I have been re-using the gaskets though.

the carb body can get warped on those, where it mates with the tank, and there's a check valve in the primer system that can go fluzy on you once in a wile (primer won't spray fuel). in either case, you'd be best to replace the carb.
start by carefully checking the flywheel key for a kink. then check primer for spray, then ck other carb stuff I mentioned and get back to me.
paper air filters can not be cleaned, but foam should be washed and lightly oiled.

Hmmm, I never thought to oil it, what do you recommend? An what about the coil air-gap dimension?

Russ also

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