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techron 12-25-2007 08:15 PM

SS brake line question-as promised
OK, here is a question about stainless steel brake lines. i am building a 64 corvette grand sport clone, i can get a SS brake line kit (and pay the corvette tax!!! :D ) from a vender but i am changing to a dual master so the SS kit won't work anyway. question 1-- i have a double flareing tool and have double flared standard brake lines, i want to buy a roll of SS brake line from summit but how much harder is it to double flare SS line than regular brake line???

question 2--this car is non power 4 wheel drum brakes, single master, 7/8 bore. i want to convert to a dual master, 7/8 BORE, on another forum somebody siggested a 7/8 bore dual master for a 76 monza. but it is a front disc brake car. i could use a residual pressure valve to the front brakes to solve the disc/drum problem but would like to know if anybody knows of a 7/8 dual master for drum brake applications???
not really expecting an answer to question 2. :D :D :D

richard stewart 3rd 12-26-2007 12:13 AM

Go to the top of the page
click on search type in
ss brake lines
Take care,

302 Z28 12-26-2007 07:22 AM

You should not double flare SS lines, the SS will work harden and split. SS lines are usually single fared with a 37 degree flare as opposed to steel lines which are a 45 degree double flare.

On question #2 I would stick with a dual master cylinder for a 64 to about 72 Corvette. They are available in just about any configuration new for around $70. There is no way I would even consider anything else.


Henry the 32nd 12-26-2007 06:58 PM

Check out the master cylinders for an early Camaro. They are drum drum. The brake line setup for 65 Corvette power brake will work. the hard lines won't care if disc or drums. 65 is on top of frame like 63 or 64. The 66 rear line is mounted on side of frame. 65 and 66 Corvette power brake cars are dual systems. The 67 uses addt'l lines etc. Changing to a dual system you will also need the fitting near the steering box as the dual system has one less hole. You can find them at a decient auto supply. Good luck

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