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timothale 07-29-2018 08:26 AM

torsional rigidity ?
how much twist with out a top and bottom member. can that frame take with suspension movement. ? ?

timothale 07-29-2018 08:39 AM

Jag X member.
Snow white ltd. sells jak kits and has more info on their website. We used the CCR plans for my son's 22 Dodge lakester. The CCr plans move the coil over top attachment inboard to soften the ride using the jag sedan components but the rear is still a little stiff. I don't know if it is the Snow white crossmember but one of the kits I have seen has slotted attachments so you can make adjustments.

here's a link to the K & K front jag

fiftyv8 07-29-2018 09:08 AM

No problem, I believe you have the passion and resourcefulness to build a really decent hot rod and I am glad to help you along and hopefully inspire you to aim high...

Mykk 07-31-2018 08:29 PM

Speedway Motors '23 standard T body has arrived:

timothale 07-31-2018 09:08 PM

Wooding the Glass.
1 Attachment(s)
I Found My 16 T bucket body on a neighbor's ranch in 1951. It still had a lot of the original wood. door hinges and latch, I added3/4 steel tube that I cut a lot of slits to shape around the top Outside of the body to replace the weathered wood., then gas welded it. The last 3 builds I channeled the body over the frame. It makes it a little tight inside but a T has to look "right. REAL HOTRODS are channeled

timothale 07-31-2018 09:14 PM

Wooding the Glass.
I bought a set of Mel Miller's plans and re-wooded a T touring body. A lot of time on a bandsaw cutting oak scrap pieces I got from a stairway shop. then using upholstery tacks like the original factory did. Today most guys don't do the mortise and tennon joints , but use steel L brackets, screws and glass it together, a lot of tips on the T bucket sites , Like use a few dabs of molding clay between the wood and your body so when the glass cures it won't shrink and shadow thru your body. here's a link to someone else who has T wood plans. I don't know anything about them... from the Ford Barn website
Contact Leon Parker, he sells full sized wood plans for the Model T, has all plans for the open cars.

Leon Parker at [email protected] ph 270-527-5843 , has rewooding plans 1914-1927.

Mykk 08-24-2018 07:34 AM

Collecting parts:

Mykk 08-24-2018 06:41 PM

Using the information provided previously regarding jaguar differentials I came to conclusion that mine is from the mid 70's era. I ordered rear rotors for a '75 XJ6. The rotors have a square bolt pattern, the flanges on the axle are not square pattern. Did I miss something, does anyone have any idea what application to order from to get correct rotors? Thank you!

fiftyv8 08-24-2018 07:03 PM

I have no idea that will assist you with respect to your disc bolt pattern, but can say that there are many small variations and minor changes thru the years of Jag IRS design.

You could possibly have been out 1 year or somebody before you has made a change previously.
It can be really hard to know.
My buddy is into them much more than me and he is still being surprised by discoveries he has made playing with them.

We wont use the inboard disc brake system any more now that we know that modification I showed earlier fits and works, it is a much better assembly...

Mykk 09-09-2018 06:34 PM

Slowly putting things together:

timothale 09-09-2018 08:04 PM

jag half shafts
WE are going down to Bonneville sept 14 and 15, I have 4 jag irs rears on pallets down at the south Farm house shop. My son's 22 dodge lakester is down there, has a Jag irs. I will check them. I think they all have the tubular half shafts. The one Jag xj parts car we have here has tubular shafts. I think XKE used the solid shafts you have. I never had to do any rear work on our coupe. the Xke required a lot of maintenance, electrical problems and sold it about 30 years ago. The Xke pumpkin mounts at a different angle than the sedans.

timothale 09-10-2018 02:25 PM

jag half shafts
MY BAD. I looked a the 87 jag parts car and it has the solid half shafts like in your picts .

fiftyv8 09-10-2018 02:54 PM

It can be a real hit and miss process with Jag diffs, especially if you don't know their history in the car.

timothale 09-10-2018 08:25 PM

more jag info
fiftyv8,:) thanks for the jag info you posted a while back I ordered the april 95 SR magazine. I try to gather as much info as possible.
When I was growing up 65 years ago a neighbor ran a cad flathead on his sawmill. said a big log wouldn't bog it down. A dozen years ago I was in a wheelchair with a lot of broken bones when the wrecking yard puled in a homemade tractor with a cad flathead. and I couldn't swing getting it and loading it by myself. .

timothale 09-10-2018 08:31 PM

more jag info
fiftyv8,:) thanks for the jag info you posted a while back I ordered the april 95 SR magazine. I try to gather as much info as possible.

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