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tvpitts 09-12-2018 03:53 PM

too high
I have a 53 Ford F100. I had 8 leaves in the rear springs & took out 4 leaves. I thought that would lower the back end but it made higher in stead. The back was already sitting too high. The top of the frame in front is 14 inches off the ground. In the rear the top of the frame is 33 an half off the ground.I wanted the rear to sit higher but this is too high. On a 53 the differential is below the springs. I am thinking of doing a flip kit. My spring pack is 1 an half inches , the differential tube is 2 an half inches. I currently have 9 an half inches from the top of the springs to the bottom of the frame. There no weight on the frame now except the cab with no doors. If I do a flip kit I figure I will have about 5 inches of clearance from frame to differential. Is that enough clearance? Is this the best way to lower my back end & is it the cheapest way?

techinspector1 09-12-2018 08:38 PM,35758.html

ericnova72 09-12-2018 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by techinspector1 (Post 4620627)

With the axle under the springs....that becomes a lift kit. :D

The axle needs to be on top of the spring for this to actually be a lowering kit.

TVPitts...yes, putting the axle on top of the springs is the next logical thing to do. 5" of clearance between frame and axle will be fine if you never plan to haul a load in the bed, otherwise you'll need to "C-notch" the frame over the axle for more clearance. Very common with the lowered truck crowd, there are kits or you can make your own and weld it in.

You may need the C-notch and a set of 2", 3", or 4" lowering blocks like the TechInspector posted to get it low enough to look good with the front height.

Another idea that may interest you rather than lowering blocks is having the springs de-arched.

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