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62PTCruiser 08-21-2002 10:34 AM

torsion bar suspension
What's your take on torsion bar suspension on a 1962 Chevy Panel Truck.
I'm trying to figure out if I should replace the whole front end now, before I add spindles, disks, etc. for my restoration. Or, should I build off of what I've got?
Any feed back will be helpfull.

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johnnymopar 08-21-2002 02:26 PM


i was going to subframe with torsion bar suspension on my '47. But i got looking at it and it is a real pain in the butt. It would take some serious time and effort to get it on there properly. Do yourself a favour and find something else like a camaro or MII front end. Or make yourself some new rails and get a crossmember.


62PTCruiser 08-21-2002 02:42 PM

Well, 1962 Chevy trucks came with torsion bar suspension. I've allready got in on there. I just don't know weather I want to keep it or not. :p

jniolon 08-21-2002 03:54 PM


I installed a Volare front clip in my '53 f-100 and just finished taking it out... I didn't have the room to fit a 460 in it the way I wanted... soon as I get the frame rails patched I'm gonna put in a Mustang II unit...

volares ride great but that big old honkin steering box was in my way..

john :D

deuce_454 08-22-2002 02:39 AM

either i would just restore the stock front end, or cut the entire front end off and replace it with a camaro IFS. i have an articl ei can scan and mail on how to and so on for tha camaro swap.. pictures and all.

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