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mitch01 03-09-2016 10:23 PM

Vintage ratchet Williams S-51 Super-Ratchet
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I have a 1940's Williams Super ratchet. I disassembled it for lubrication and somehow allowed the pawl to move 180 degrees past its correct position. The spring ping is now hanging up on the reverse side of the pawl, middle, and I can't rotate it into correct position. On another forum it was suggested that I try pushing shim stock down around the pawl to try and get the pin to ride over the notch where its stuck. I'm not having any luck at all. .004 is the thickest I can get to fit in. I've tried curling the end of the metal hoping it'll find its way upward to the pin end after being pushed around the bore. I've attached two photos of my ratchet along with a drawing from the patent that shows how the ratchet is constructed.

thanks for any help, this has been driving me nuts for a week :pain:

boothboy 03-10-2016 09:20 AM

First soak it in a penetrating lubricant, take a brass drift punch and drive the selector from the case. If the parts are machined as shown that's the only way you'll be able to reverse it.

BB :thumbup::thumbup:

mitch01 03-10-2016 11:33 AM

When you say "drive the selector" do you mean to wedge from between the selector and ratchet face or some other method?
Also if I do this is there a practical way of reattaching the selector afterward?


boothboy 03-10-2016 11:48 AM

If you look at the drawings you will see that the selector (the part you move to select on or off) is held in place to the pawl with a spring and ball. I'm not referring to the spring and ball in the handle. There are two sets of spring and balls in your ratchet. Examine your drawings closely and you'll understand how the pawl is retained to the selector shaft.

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mitch01 03-10-2016 01:40 PM

Forgive me if I'm being sorta dense, but i only see a pin that holds them together. Can you give methe find number from the drawing that points the spring and ball out?

Thanks again

boothboy 03-10-2016 04:30 PM

I'm going over your patent prints and find two things. One is that I was wrong on how the Pawl is held on the Selector and two the patent prints and your ratchet are different. The selector is not held on to the pawl by a spring and ball as I thought. It is pinned in place. Not good. If you look at fig 7 part #56 you'll see a whole' next look at fig 2 part #57 you'll see the pin. It ain't coming out.

In the prints it shows that the selector is finally held in the case with a nut #51. Your's is held in with what I suspect is a interference fit button. It would have to be drilled out but you would still not be able to get the pin out.
Basically your screwed.

What I wold do is to get a lot of lubricant in in the spring and plunger and while putting pressure on the selector, hit the handle repeatedly on a hard surface hoping that the plunger might move downward.

Hope that works.

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mitch01 03-10-2016 05:58 PM

I'm going to continue trying to get the finger stock into the right place. Maybe a very fine guitar string could be snaked under the selector to guide it into place?

There are some other photos here: Williams S-51 Super Ratchet Reassembly Problem - The Garage Journal Board

That indicate what the pawl looks like (for purpose of size/scale) when it is swiveled in the right position.

thanks again for taking the time to look into this problem.

boothboy 03-10-2016 06:02 PM

I'd still give the wacking the handle end on a hard surface trick a try.

BB :thumbup::thumbup:

mitch01 03-10-2016 10:16 PM

Problem solved
I fixed it. It was very strange. After using all the other thicknesses of feeler stock, just for the hell of it I used the .001 and it turned around without a problem!


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